Do Better, Writing Process: A Nonfiction Logline??

  This part of chapter one made me realize that I had no log line, although those are generally reserved, so I thought, for fiction work: 

The end goal of this project is to create a community and a plan that would implement all four of President Roosevelt’s stated freedoms, in a phased-in program that builds a movement across the next sixty to eighty years.

What do you think, Thoughtful Readers?

We now return to our French Fridays…


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83 thoughts on “Do Better, Writing Process: A Nonfiction Logline??

    1. Ugh!! I have cut 25 pages, so far!! I cannot believe the amount of redundancy I had in different chapters! Thanks to Violet for telling me! I think that from having written so much about these ideas over the years, especially since 2014, I keep forgetting what is in my various blog posts, and what is in which chapter, so that everything always feels familiar as I read through my draft. Looking at it as if it were a fiction work, for some reason, helped me to see the draft in a fresh light.

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    1. Thanks, B.!
      Oops: I’ve now removed quite a bit of material, while hoping to keep the essentials. All of chapter 6, and much of the Preface, Intro., and Chapter One. I’ve tried to be sure not to remove anything entirely, but I’ve also been creating blog posts out of some deleted material. I hope that you’ll be willing, if you have time and can stand another read, to give it another gander when Draft 6 is done, but I’ll certainly understand it you can’t!

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  1. This is more like Back Cover Copy than a log line, which should stay below 15 words, in general.

    The new title may make a better log line: Enough for All in 70 years?

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