Marie and Adolphus Johnson, of Blessed Memory

This blog, and in particular, Project Do Better, are dedicated to Marie and Adolphus Johnson, unsung heroes of Washington, DC. Marie Nash Johnson, my adoptive great grandmother (who first adopted my biological great grandmother, Senorah Mayo, after her good friend, my bio great great grandmother, Celeste Mayo (Armstrong, I believe) died young, and then adopted my grandmother when my bio gr grandmother Senorah Mayo Hall died young of TB, and then cared for my mother as a child, apparently, and then cared for me when I was small, taking me every week during summers breaks when I was in elementary school (staying with her down south from smelly NJ). We were often at her church, Mt. Zion UMC, a well-known stop on the DC Underground RailRoad, and as many members, she was also a very active member of the DC chapter of the NAACP. My Grandma Marie is an unsung saint of DC, for whom I have gathered and updated information on, and placed some of it on the non-paywalled WikiTree, as well.

Many thanks to Prof. William Spriggs, of Howard University, for alerting me in 2020 to the heroic actions of my adoptive great grandfather, Grandpa Johnson, during WWI, as a member of an unrewarded but heroic Colored signal corps unit, part of the 325th Field Signal Battalion.

This page will continue to be updated shortly, as I prepare to hand over the administration of the profiles I created for WikiTree’s slavery subproject, and for my family, to others.

Destinie A. Jones,

aka ShiraDest


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