Minbari Mondays, Two Lessons From “Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?” (B5:s4e2) On Loyalty

       This week’s lessons are questions, really:

          1.   How can one find such loyal siblings in arms as G’Kar is toward Garibaldi, now?

          2.   Why is romantic love, rather than fraternal loyalty, the love that G’Kar is showing for Garibaldi, always seen as THE reason to live, in our culture?


     This is one of G’Kar’s most worrisome episodes -for us!!  He runs straight into danger, just to find Mr. G.   Where is such a brother in arms, here, today? GkarCapt  Even Jack The Inquisitor would be impressed.

  Can we learn, ourselves, to show such loyalty?                

    We can Do Better.


Last Monday’s review was S4e1: Minbari Mondays, and Two Lessons From “The Hour of The Wolf” (B5:s4e1) On Wisdom,


Next Minbari Monday will be episode 3 of the year  2261, in this 4th season:

           Season 4e3: Minbari Mondays, Two Lessons From “The Summoning” (B5:s4e3) On Bullies ;


Nih sakh sh’lekk, sleem wa.

I come in peace, I am your friend.


Action Prompts:

1.)  Share your thoughts on how we Human Beings might start to build a more fully inclusive society for all of us, and how this episode of Babylon 5 could help that process.

2.) Write a book, story, post or tweet that uses these thoughts.


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