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Great walking Wednesdays and slave pen ghost tours in DC

Since it’s October, not only is it the end of Preptober, time to prepare for NaNoWriMo, but it is also horror month, hence an appropriate time to think of ghost tours.

I actually created a Ghost Tour in DC, related to areas of downtown potentially haunted by slaves who’d been kept in chains in various locations that now host famous federal sites.

Interestingly, these tours, looking back, now seem to have laid the groundwork for my current WiP in ways I never anticipated back in 2011.

Here is what I said about it at the time:

2011-10-27 19:11:00
“The Ghosts of Slave Pens Past!” walking tour of DC
Join me, licensed DC Tour Guide Shira D. Jones, as we walk past places that recall the Dickensionan horrors of Victorian era jails, but with inmates whose only crime was being born to the wrong mother -a slave.

This unique Black History related tour of downtown DC will focus on places long forgotten, but which should never be forgotten. Dress for the weather and to walk!

Tours on a sliding scale.
(This tour drew very little interest…)

I think that slavery was just too uncomfortable for people to think of as a ghost tour, maybe?

My WiP, Who By Fire, also deals intimately with slavery, and has a mystical or ghostly aspect, a strong one actually, running throughout the book.

The information for the tours, btw,  is in chapter 6 of Stayed on Freedom’s Call, still free for an honest review.

Yassas,   γεια σας!    Salût !  Nos vemos!  Görüşürüz!     ! שָׁלוֹם

Action Items in support of literacy and hope that you can take right now:

1.) Search for two different resources about the slave trade.

2.) Share them with us in the comments, here, please.

3.) Share your thoughts on how they may still be relevant today,  perhaps as an update on your GoodReads reading,

4.) Write a blog post or tweet that uses that information, tells a good story, and makes a difference. I’m working on that through my historical fantasy #WiP, #WhoByFireIWill. Once published, donate one or more copies to your local public library, as I intend to do.

Dear Readers, any additional ideas toward learning, especially multiple #LanguageLearning as part of on-going education and empathy-building, to #EndPoverty, #EndHomelessness,  #EndMoneyBail & achieve freedom for All HumanKind? 

Support our key #PublicDomainInfrastructure  & #StopSmoking for CCOVID-19:
1. #PublicLibraries,
2. #ProBono legal aid and Education,
3. #UniversalHealthCare, and
4. good #publictransport
Read, Write, Ranked Choice Voting and Housing for ALL!!, Teach and Learn (Lesson Plans)!


October, 12020 HE

(The previous lesson plan since this post, and the most recent lesson plan…)


Moody Mondays, mass transit, failed business plans, and Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

I am exhausted today, but wanted to get a blip out there about the importance of every class of people, especially the middle and upper middle classes, using the public transportation systems: please use mass transit!

Regarding the business plan, I can only find the abstract, though I remember writing up about 9 or 10 pages, despite being told that “tourists do not want to walk,” and that they want “to check my brain at the door” and be entertained, not educated, and certainly not about slavery in the Nation’s Capital.  I created the business, anyway…


Executive Summary
SHIR is a cooperative community enterprise working to provide
educational tools by which the paradigms of critical thinking and
equality, the birthrights of all people, are actively promoted.
SHIR focuses on movement-oriented educational techniques which
simultaneously build love of learning and community in ways which
incorporate natural curiosity and multiple learning styles. SHIR
implements this focus through community affirming walking tours as
the primary form of outside-the-classroom learning.
The long term vision of SHIR is to provide guided walking tours of
Washington, D.C. with emphasis on the history of African-American
neighborhoods in the city. These tours will incorporate multi-media
history from different neighborhoods by time period and demographic
era, and feature participatory discussions of the values held across
those communities and neighborhoods over various time frames.

The marketing section needed more work, as this business failed in 2013.


So, it turns out that I should have listened about there being no market for Black-Jewish history walking tours, but making the point was more important to me than making money, and I got my wish: I made a point for a few months, but then realized that I was losing all of my savings, and in an apartment with cigarette smoke coming in from the noisy neighbors, I couldn’t concentrate enough around my tours to get paid work. At least I did write and publish a book about it, with the tours freely available (with the bibliography, despite being told to keep it secret: sorry, Knowledge should be free!!) for all walkers in DC. (Please remember to wear a hat, sensible shoes, and bring water and grapes to snack on!!)

  More on my continuing striving with education for Justice next time, friends:

Yassas,   γεια σας!    Salût !  Nos vemos!  Görüşürüz!     ! שָׁלוֹם

Action Items in support of literacy and hope that you can take right now:

1.) Search for two different resources on why History Matters.

2.) Share them with us in the comments, here, please.

3.) Share your thoughts on how you like each of the resources you found,  perhaps as an update on your GoodReads reading,

4.) Write a blog post or tweet that uses history, tells a good story, and makes a difference. I’m working on that through my historical fantasy #WiP, #WhoByFireIWill. Once published, donate one or more copies to your local public library, as I intend to do.

Dear Readers, any additional ideas toward learning, especially multiple #LanguageLearning as part of on-going education and empathy-building, to #EndPoverty, #EndHomelessness,  #EndMoneyBail & achieve freedom for All HumanKind? 

Support our key #PublicDomainInfrastructure  & #StopSmoking for CCOVID-19:
1. #PublicLibraries,
2. #ProBono legal aid and Education,
3. #UniversalHealthCare, and
4. good #publictransport
Read, Write, Ranked Choice Voting and Housing for ALL!!, Teach and Learn (Lesson Plans)!


September, 12020 HE

(The previous lesson plan since this post, and the most recent lesson plan…)

Quand t’es amené au cour pour rien avoir fait… When you are brought to court for no crime…

Click here for English…

“-Architecte Numérobis !

-Oh !
C’est pas la peine de me pousser !”

… ça s’appelle (aux états unis) un “Body Attachment” -ce qui permet de t’envoyer au tribunal sans avoir commis un délit. Et le problème avec ça c’est que il y à plein des procès contre le démunies mais pas contre les riches. Souvent, les jugements par défaut sont obtenus sur les dettes qui sont bien au-delà de leurs statuts de limitations, mais les accusés ne pouvaient pas se défendre par un manque de savoir ou un manque de capacité à se défendre, et donc perdu soit par défaut, malgré la poursuite étant techniquement illégal. En suite ça mène à encore plus des soucies d’argent et même en prison, sûr tout quand on à des diversions pour ce qui peuvent payer, mais des procès et aux prison pour ce qui n’ont pas les moyens de payer pour éviter les procès. Après ça, le système de justice criminel a son propre montage des dettes, encore pire.

Des solutions possibles: Qu’on fait pas amené au tribunal pour des dettes, qu’après un temps limite, il n’y aura pas des procès pour des dettes, et sûr tout pas de paiements pour éviter les procès légaux. Et comment se fait-t-on pour éviter tous ces maux ? On incite les gouvernements de donner un Revenu de Base a tout le monde, augmenté par des Monnaies Locales. Et ça, c’est fait par la coopération humain. Même la Reine ne le peut pas nier.

“-Architecte Numérobis !

You don’t need to push me!”

… that is called (in the United States) a “Body Attachment” -which lets you be taken into custody without having committed a crime. The problem with that is that there is a greatly disproportionate rate of civil justice system debt collection litigation against the poor, rather than against wealthier debtors. Often default judgments are obtained on debts which are well past their Statutes of Limitations, but defendants were unable, due to lack of knowledge or lack of ability (illness, fear, no time off from work, lack of transportation, etc…) to defend, and thus lost by default, despite the lawsuit being technically illegal to begin with. This can lead to further financial problems, and even to jail time for those who end up in the Criminal Justice system. Particularly unjust is Pre-Trial Diversion, also known as Pre-Trial Intervention. Those who can afford to pay for Pre-Trial Diversions get all charges dropped, while those who cannot afford to pay go to trial and even to prison. To make matters worse, the criminal justice system has its own structure of debts on top of civil debts.

Some possible solutions to this arbitrary abuse of our justice system are: abolishing “Body Attachment” in the case of civil debt judgments, prohibiting lawsuit filings on time-barred debts, and above all, eliminating payment for Pre-Trial Diversion/Intervention. But how can we potentially prevent all of these problems at their source? We could encourage governments to provide a universal Basic Income, even if only in a Local Currency, potentially backed by partial acceptance for payment of local taxes, as many municipalities have done. This provides a floor on poverty, a floor on desperation, and a chance at avoiding the civil debts that often presage criminal justice system involvement, in our uneven set of systems. Even the Queen could not deny that.

Read, Write, Dream, Walk !


February 20th, 12018 HE

Resisting Unjust Laws Then and Now, Stayed on the Call of Freedom and Cooperation

(Image: ValuableGangOfYoungNegroes1840.jpeg from wikimedia commons…)

Many laws in our history have been resisted as unjust, from the Enclosure of the Commons, to the Cherokee Removal which was litigated successfully by the Cherokee nation, to the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, to the recent Muslim ban.

In the 17th century, from whence this popular folk song comes, litigation was not an option for most people, so they resisted in rhyme:

They hang the man and flog the woman
Who steals the goose from off the common
Yet let the greater villain loose
That steals the common from the goose

And then as now, community cooperation on a very wide scale was key to winning the freedoms promised in our foundational documents like the Magna Carta, the Constitution, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  So we continue to walk, rhyme, and support court and non-violent community-based actions to cooperate in making this a safer and kinder world for all of us, and to non-cooperate with injustice.

Read, Write, Dream, Walk !

October 22nd, 12017 HE

The Bright side of PTSD: become a Body Guard?

Smells, noises or lights can suddenly awaken some of us, and refuse to let us sleep until identified. Long-lasting childhood traumas can leave your Inner Child reluctant to come out from under the coffee table. Some ideas, illustrated by examples from historical and fictional sages, may help your Inner Parent to teach safety and trust to that Frightened Inner Child so that your Inner Adult, your competent and ambitious self who’d rather ignore both Child and Parent, can get on with succeeding in life.

First, one possible intrepretation of Hillel’s famous pair of questions:
A. אם אין אני לי, מי לי (Im ein ani li, mi li: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me,”) is that each of us must parent and protect his or her own inner child, and

B. ? וכשאני לעצמי, מה אני ; (Vekesh’ani le’atzmi, mah ani ? “And if I am only for myself, what am I?”), also stand with others who have been wounded.

Second, if, like Harry Potter, you’ve sustained significant losses in your life, even very early on, is there someone you can recall, or as Harry uses to conjure his first #Patronus, even some imaginary memory, showing love or kindness, even if from or to a stranger just for a moment? Your Inner Parent can use that image to show your Inner Child that there is hope for this world, and that is worth holding on to and fighting for, to motivate your ambitious Inner Adult to keep going. This is being for yourself in the most crucial way: parenting yourself through the panic and soothing those constantly jangled nerves until you learn to trust life. Then your ambitious and centered Inner Adult can take it from there to build the life you want to live.

Third, if, like Amelia, you see that it would be safer to give up than to fight, perhaps your Inner Adult can take the lead, having learned by watching your Inner Parent defend your own Inner Child, that sometimes an adult must sacrifice to create a better world for all Human Children. And like Feruze Hatun, healing all those around you may come at a high personal cost, but honesty and love, even shown to our enemies, as Gandhi and Dr. King proved, can indeed defeat hate, and bring you greater self-confidence and feelings of security.

So, warrior like Amelia or Intergenerational Community Parent to all, like Feruze Hatun, or just competent, capable, and knitting lots of hats for House Elves like Hermione, parenting yourself can lead to parenting others , for the good of All Humankind. Or you could still become a Body Guard.

Some more of my thoughts on how local government Policy such as accepting part of local taxes in local currencies/Time Dollars can help stimulate local community employment and inclusion for PTSD survivors are found in my related paper on Building Community and the crucial role of Intergenerational Participation in Community : Shavuot (Pentacost) as one of four Biblical pillars of building community.

Read, Write, Dream, Walk !
My books on Economic and Social Policy: Shared Monetary Governance, and Stayed on Freedom’s Call…

September 10th, 12017 HE

cp’d: Predatory Landlords, Debt, and Repairing the World

Dr. King said that,

“True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring. ”

The question is how does such “restructuring” happen?

Following up on my earlier post regarding debt as a problem of financial self-defense, particularly in the case of apartment renters who are forced to live in a lemon or face Breach of Lease, Biblical Law may have something to say about the long term consequences of artificially pushing people into debt (talking about otherwise frugal folks who do not spend profligately).

I respectfully submit that we have had one possible tool in our hands for several thousand years, and it may need to be examined in the context of our present debt crisis -the release of debts, both short term and long term, at different times.  Below is a handout from one of several talks I gave on the relationship between debt and community building, this one from the book of Deuteronomy: DCBM20August_Reeh_Class.

AfterNote: while debts do “expire” at different times in each state and DC according to the type of debt, only two states actually “extinguish” expired debts, and only Maryland prohibits lawsuits being brought against debtors for already expired debts!              Lawmakers in every country need to act to prevent this sort of financial and emotional bullying (in the case of landlords, offering apartments which do not suit, and then reneging on promises to fix issues, while in other cases, offering credit knowing that those who accept are at a relative disadvantage).
In the USA, each state regulates how long one can be sued for a debt, but even then, if the debtor does not know to defend, or is unable for some reason to go to court even if h/she knows, oftentimes creditors sue illegally and win. Now this cannot happen in MD, but of course debtors are still free to harrass up to and beyond the Statute of Limitation (‘expiration’) of the debt.

May we look to our collective good, as one Human Race, and to the potential of each and every Human Being.

Read, Write, Dream, Walk !

my resume: JonesPolicyResumePublic
June 26th, 12017 HE

Black and Jewish Americans fight together for human dignity… in Spain…

As we discussed my all time favorite show, El Ministerio del Tiempo (sorry B5!!), a friend recently told me that one of her relatives had fought in the Spanish Civil War as part of the Lincoln Brigade which turned out to have been known officially as the Lincoln Batallion.

Looking into the history of the Lincoln Batallion, I found, among others, Oliver Law, a Black man who had to leave the USA to become the first African-American in US history to command a military unit (not counting NCOs during the US Civil War like Robert A. Pinn, who picked up the standard and command after the deaths of all of his officers), during the Spanish Civil War.

In total, one Black woman and 54 Black men volunteered from the United States, where they were treated with disdain, to fight racism and oppression on the other side of the Atlantic. They hoped to change things back home in the US, and they were following the calling of their consciences, to fight racism and oppression where they could: in Europe.  For Tom Page, it was the first time he was treated with human dignity, and for Salaria Kea, the only Black woman to volunteer, it was a dashing of hopes upon returning home.  But for all, it was honorable service to humanity.

Like Delmer Berg, the last surviving American to travel to Spain, 1/3 of the volunteers were Jewish. This was in keeping with a long but little-known tradition of cooperation between the Black and Jewish communities well before the 1960s.  In that sacred tradition, led by Dr. King, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, Gandhi and many others, we must continue the cooperation between individuals, families, communities and states that so desperately needs to continue, to move us all forward as a united human race.

May all of their memories be a blessing to us all, and a reminder of Human Cooperation
Zichronam LiVrachah,
Shira Destinie Jones

Read, Write, Dream, Teach !
March 16th, 12017 HE


Seeking reviews: Stayed on Freedom’s Call: Community Cooperation…

Seeking reviews for my second book, available for free, on Community Cooperation and shared history in the Nation’s Capital (applicable all across the USA):


Open Archive: https://archive.org/details/StayedOnFreedomsCall

WP : https://shiradest.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/stayed-on-freedoms-call.pdf

ShiraDest, in the year 12015 HE

Edit:  1st Walking Tour: Early Integration Neighborhoods of DC -Shepherd Park
Many thanks to those who joined us for this tour today!
Join us, if you missed this one, or again!, on Sunday, 8 Jan. 2012!!
Please feel free to leave feedback and suggestions for me on the reply comments below!
Peace.  Join us for a musical walk back in time, to the turbulent times of BlockBusting and Cooperative struggle to integrate neighborhoods, drawing together White, Jewish and Black neighbors to form a new and unique thing of beauty.
(The response to this tour, particularly by Andra, inspired me to continue with the Black-Jewish Cooperation Tours, and then to write the book…)
Read, Write, Dream, Teach !

23 February, 12016 HE

A Theoretical Framework for Shared Monetary Governance

My first article on Shared Monetary Governance (SMG) based on my thesis. Shira “Holocene Era” Dest, 16.6.12015 HE


Shared Monetary Governance builds a framework for community level governance of money and fills part of the gap in the literature of monetary governance. The approach begins with consistent treatment by national regulatory frameworks vis-à-vis both national and non- national currency institutions. Regulatory framework tolerance is measured by equating more participatory processes with higher degrees of shared governance. The second part of Shared Monetary Governance explores internal monetary institutional governance. Consistent regulatory framework treatment, transparency, accountability and participation are then applied to all stakeholders affected by monetary functionality. This juxtaposition of governance vs. scale requires investigation of the processes used to make decisions in monetary institutions. Since no such dual-paradigmatic investigation has been undertaken, this paper asserts that metrics for such an investigation need to be developed. Shared Monetary Governance includes a methodology which operationalises the theoretical framework presented in this paper, building a case for full monetary decision-making participation.

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start Autobiography from a full CV?

While a practice novel can be autobiographical, it seems to me that a true autobiography is also good for each person to write.  It validates your life, helps you look back on what you have learned, and shares those lessons in a more structured way than a novel (and maybe in fewer than the 6 drafts that it took me to realize that my first practice novel, Creator: Friend or Foe, RealDraft6Creator Friend or Foe Beginnings is more an anger work than a novel…). So I start by annotating my CV, using middle school and high school dreams that I learned not to share (like wanting to be a dancer but hushing that up after being told that it is better to study engineering and put food on the table than to study dance and be homeless…): Shira Destinie PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Writing, YaCy Search Engine, Ubuntu, Stayed On Freedoms Call, Research, Data Synthesis, Public Speaking (sample handout: WesleyMetropolitanMemorialUMCtalk), Spanish, Biblical Hebrew, Turkish, French, Teaching Mathematics, Teaching English as a Second Language, Unix systems administration, Network Security OBJECTIVE To increase community cooperation and renewable energy usage. EDUCATION ICA certified Spanish speaking and listening: fully fluent, 11 December, 2012 University of Bath, England, UK: Master of Philosophy (MPhil), research degree, thesis through Department of Social and Policy Sciences, awarded 2010 Boston Academy of English: Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate, awarded 2004 Rivier College: Master of Arts in Teaching, taught degree, (major: Mathematics, minor: Spanish), awarded 2002 University of Baltimore: Bachelor of Science, taught degree, in Computer Science, awarded 1993 The United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD, Midshipman 4th Class, 1988 Paul L. Dunbar Senior High School, Washington, DC, Pre-Engineering Program, Graduated June 1988 George Washington University, Hi-Scip, program taking courses while at Dunbar SHS, 1987-1988 (Eng. Drawing, Modern Israeli Hebrew, Jewish History 70AD-1200AD) CONTINUING EDUCATION Motor Coaching Skills Workshop, Guild of Professional Tour Guides of Washington, DC, 28, November, 2012 Sarajevan Sephardic folk songs (Ladino), Flora Jagoda, Alexandria, VA, 2011- 2012 Latin American Youth Center (LAYC), Tutor refresher training: 2010, 2011 DC LEARNS Adult Education Training Core Skills Workshop, Foundations of Reading II, October 2010 Pilgrims and Pearson’s courses: Teaching English, May 2005 NH Teachers of Mathematics Conference, March 2003 5th Annual NH Jewish Educators Workshop, November 2001 LISA 2000 UNIX Systems Administration Conference, October 2000 PAID EXPERIENCE Founder: SHIR Tours, English/Spanish language step-on tours for international tour groups on motor coaches, Singing Walking and Step-On Tours featuring Black-Jewish Community Cooperation in Washington, DC, November 2011 to Present Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, Montgomery College, MD, August 2011- May 2012 Freelance Tutor: Mathematics and Biblical Hebrew, Washington,DC, 2010 to Present Mathematics and English Tutor, Spanish Interpreter, Independent contractor for Latin American Youth Center (LAYC), Washington, DC: Synthesizing and simplifying lessons, Spanish interpreting February 2010 to May 2011 Hebrew Tutor and 5th Grade Hebrew School Teacher Bethesda Jewish Congregation, MD: February 2010 to October 2010 History of Economics Lecturer University of Anahuac, Mexico: Researched, prepared and gave lessons introducing economic philosophy and history in both Spanish and in English, Fall 2009 Contract ESL Teacher Berlitz Istanbul, Yasar University Izmir, Turkey: Applied creative pedagogical techniques to make English accessible for native speakers of Turkish, 2004 to 2005 Substitute Teacher NH, MA Schools, 2002 to 2004 Hebrew School 3rd and 4th/5th Grade Hebrew School Teacher Temple Betenu, Nashua, NH, September 2001 to June 2003 Math Teacher and Unix Systems Administrator SERESC, The Brentwood School, Nashua, NH: taught high school math, designed web sites, gave Unix classes, 2001 to 2002 Adjunct Professor NH Community Technical College, Nashua, NH, CS175 (taught required course “Introduction To C++”), Fall 2001 Senior INFOSEC Engineer MITRE Corporation, Bedford, MA: Investigating and writing research reports on software applications and operating systems, Security on Linux, FreeBSD, Apache, IP Filter. Solaris 5.x, Apache SSL, Postgress, AppShield, TCP/IP LANs, sendmail, SSH, Qmail with VI in C, Excell, PowerPoint Presentations, May 2000 to December 2002 System Architect I Safety Net Solutions, Hampton, NH. Unix security, NFS/SunYP, RCS, “make files”, training peers at Volpe FAA center, 1998 to 2000 Unix LAN Systems Administrator Aspen Systems Corporation, Rockville, MD, Unix LAN Security, Raptor firewall, FTP, DNS, Perl, C, HTML, 1996 to 1998 Contractor System Administration on SCO 5.0.2. HTML, CGI, PERL, 1996 Programmer Analyst Disclosure, Inc. Bethesda, MD, HTML, CGI, PERL, C and C++, 1995 to 1996 Associate Software Engineer Bolt Beranek and Newman (BBN), Columbia, MD 1994 to 1995 Technical Assistant (Hubble) Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD, 1992 to 1994 Data Entry Technician, Work Study University of Baltimore Library, 1991 to 1992 Store Clerk Dunkin Donuts, 1990 Summer Engineering Intern, via Morgan State University Kraft-General Foods, White Plains, NY, Summer 1989 Bakery counter staff, part time White Plains, NY, Summer 1989 Pharmacy Technician, P/T (during High School) People’s Drug Store, Dupont Circle, DC, 1986 to 1988 Summer Engineering Intern Naval Surface Weapons Center (NSWC), White Oak, MD summer 1987 Laundry employee White’s Laundry, Lynn, MA, summer, 1985 CLASSES and WORKSHOPS TAUGHT Mediterranean Dance in Historical Context teacher, Takoma Rec. Ctr, 2013 -cancelled “Community Debt Remission,” DC Beit Midrash, 20 August 2012, Washington DC JCC Economic Democracy, seminar, 5 and 12 April, 2012, DC Social Forum, Washington, DC “Shared Monetary Governance and Economic Democracy as 1/2 of Participatory Democracy”, Occupy DC, 13 November 2011, seminars at both Freedom Plaza and McPherson Square, Washington, DC. “Community Building and Shavuot,” DC Beit Midrash, 6 June 2011, JCC Washington “Mishnah Gittin and Community Empowerment via Local Currencies “Mifnei Tikkun Ha-Olam””, DC Beit Midrash, 16 August 2010, JCC Washington, DC “Green Money and Community Empowerment: Local Currencies as a project of Tikkun Olam”, Adas Israel, Tikkun Leil Shavuot, May 18th-19th 2010, Washington DC Greek Folk dance classes for community via BathLETS in Bath, England and la Casa de la Cultura in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, 2007, 2009 1 hour classes on Tablet Weaving and “Why Barcelona is Really a French Town” taught at annual SCA Pennsic Wars, 1998, Western Pennsylvania, USA Tutoring fellow student pilots at Tuskegee Airfield for Negro Airmen International, 1986 PUBLICATIONS/Reviews Book: “Stayed on Freedom’s Call” ISBN 978-3-659-24756-9, LAP Publishing, March, 2014 Practice Novel: https://shiradest.wordpress.com/2014/12/20/martin-luther-king-rabbinical-commentary-poster-inspired-a-novel/  (not published) Article: “Black and Jewish Cultures in Washington, DC: Shared History and Shared Mandate” Tifereth Israel Menorah, September 2013 Article: “Chayei Sarah & Toldot: Authoritative vs. Organic Processes ” Tifereth Israel Menorah, January 2011 Peer review of article submitted for publication in journal IJCCR, November, 2011 Article: “Widening the Sukkah: the Occupy Wall Street Movement and Shared Monetary Governance” Gather the Jews Blog, October 31, 2011, accessible online at: http://www.gatherthejews.com/2011/10/widening-the-sukkah-theoccupy- wall-street-movement-and-shared-monetary-governance/ Article: ‘MONEY AND PARTICIPATORY GOVERNANCE: A REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE‘ International Journal of Community Currency Research 15(A) ISSN 1325-9547, 2011 Article: ‘A Theoretical Framework for Shared Monetary Governance’ International Journal of Community Currency Research 15(A) ISSN 1325-9547, 2011 Book: “Shared Monetary Governance”, ISBN 978-3-639-26780-8, VDM Publishing, August, 2010 MPhil Dissertation, June 2010, Social Policy, University of Bath, ILL: The British Library. Selected Poems in: “Poems from the Cranberry Room”, ISBN978-0595291557, iUniverse, Inc. Publishing, 2003. Poem: “Lost in a Rose”, Concrete Wolf Poetry Quarterly Issue Number 2, Summer 2001. SINGING ENGAGEMENTS Mrs. Herron Ford´s Theatre song reenactment: Marian Anderson, 22 July, 2012 “Occupy Shabbat” Niggun requests: Jewish Occupy DC., Friday, 11 November, 2011. Jerusalem Day Performance: Ring House Senior Center, Rockville, MD, June 2nd 2011. Melodic appearance, Stagehand and Director´s Assistant for script blocking as Frida Kahlo: “Variations on the Death of Trotsky” Theater at First, Somerville, MA 2004. PRESENTATIONS / TALKS Shabbat Chol HaMoed Pesach Drash, “Passover and How Time Banking can Ameliorate Modern Day Slavery” Classic Residences, Chevy Chase, MD, March 29th, 2013 Dvar Torah for Parashat Reéh, on Time Banks as Part Two of Community Empowerment, Tiffereth Israel Synagogue, Washington, DC, August 27th, 2011. “Community Empowerment via Time Banks” , Wesley UMC, Washington, DC, March 27th, 2011. Dvar Tikkun on “TakomaTime”, Tikkun Leil Shabbat (TLS), Washington, DC, December 17th, 2010. Parashat Re´eh -“Time Banks: Loan Remission Step Two”, Dvar Torah at Adas Israel´s Traditional Egalitarian Minyan, Washington, DC, August 7th, 2010 “La Gobernanza Compartida del Dinero”, Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, Mexico, June, 2009 “Community Empowerment through Local Currencies” at The Bell, Bath, UK, July 2010 “Shared Monetary Governance” Poster Presentation at 2008 Heterodox Economics Conference, Cambridge, UK, July 2008 Departmental presentations: Department of Social and Policy Sciences, University of Bath, 2007, 2008, 2009 “Is Nothing Sacred?” Storvik Storytelling competition, Post-Pennsic Dessert, MD, 1998 Community Organizing and Outreach Volunteer translator for La Cimade, Lorient, France, March 2015 to present Grant Applications Advisory Review Panelist for the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities’ FY13 Community Arts Grant Round #2 (CAG), March, 2013 Planning and facilitating “Family Values through Film and Babylon 5” series, 2011, 2013 Planned, hosted and facilitated: “The Princess Bride” film and discussion Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 “Muppet Treasure Island” film and discussion Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 Founder and facilitator: telephone-based Interfaith Prayer Circle, 2010 to present Planned, hosted and facilitated: Fourth Multi-Ethnic Evening of Song, May 22nd 2011, Muhlenberg Park, Connecticut Ave, NW Third Multi-Ethnic Evening of Song, March 27th 2011, my home, Washington, DC Second Multi-Ethnic Evening of Song, Jan 30th 2011, my home, Washington, DC Multi-Ethnic Evening of Song, Sunday, Dec 26th 2010, my home, Washington, DC Propsal: Proyecto Abuela Vida, Public Libraries: Merida, Yucatan, and Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, México, http://www.academia.edu/1658959/AbuelaVida 2009 Proposal: “Aprendizaje Participativa: Teatrales” Shira Destinie Jones con Hébert Serrano, Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, and Oaxaca, México, Viernes 24.7.2009 Activist, Bath Stop War Coalition (SWC), Bath, England, UK 2006-2009 Founder, University of Baltimore chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)/Computer Science Club, 1992-1993 CANTORIAL VOLUNTEER CONTRIBUTIONS Chanted Megilat Esther, Chapter 7, Havurat Shalom, Purim 2004, Somerville, MA Chanted Parashat Vayikra, 2nd Aliyah, Zoo Minyan, March 2010 Washington, DC Chanted Hol haMoed Pesach, 2nd, 3rd Aliyot, Adas Israel TEM, April 2010 Wash., DC Chanted Parashat Bmidbar, 6th Aliyah, Adas Israel TEM, May 2010, Washington, DC Chanted Parashat Ki Tavo 4th Aliyah, Zoo Minyan, August 2010, Washington, DC Led Kabbalat Shabbat part of service, Ruach Minyan, August 2010, Washington, DC Chanted Parashat Netzavim-Vayelech 2nd Aliyah, Adas Israel Traditional Egalitarian Minyan, September 2010, Washington, DC Chanted Parashat HaAzinu 7th Aliyah and Maftir, Adas Israel Synagogue, Traditional Egalitarian Minyan, September 2010, Washington, DC Led Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv, Ruach Minyan, September 2010, Washington, DC Chanted Sukkot Shabbat CholHaMoed 4th Aliyah, Adas Israel TEM, September 2010, Washington, DC Chanted Parashat Bereshit 5th Aliyah, Adas Israel TEM, October 2010, Wash., DC Led Shabbat Maariv service, Ruach Minyan, October 2010, Washington, DC Chanted Parashat Noach 5th Aliyah, Adas Israel TEM, October 2010, Wash., DC Led Kabbalat Shabbat, Ruach Minyan, November 2010, Washington, DC Chanted Vayishlach minchah 1st Aliyah, Adas Israel TEM, November 2010, Wash., DC Chanted Parashat Vayishlach 1st Aliyah, Zoo Minyan, November 2010, Wash., DC Chanted Parashat Vayeshev 1st Aliyah, Adas Israel TEM, November 2010, Wash., DC Led Shabbat Maariv service, Zoo Minyan, December 2010, Washington, DC Chanted Parashat VaYigash 2nd Aliyah, Adas Israel TEM, December 2010, Wash., DC Chanted Parashat Vayera 3rd Aliyah, Adas Israel TEM, January 2011, Washington, DC Led Shabbat Maariv service, Ruach Minyan, January 2011, Washington, DC Chanted Parashat Mishpatim 4th Aliyah, Adas Israel TEM, January 2011, Wash., DC Led Kiddush and Mezumin by invitation, Ruach Minyan, April 2011, Washington, DC Led Kabbalat Shabbat, Ruach Minyan, May 2011, Washington, DC Led Shabbat Maariv service, Ruach Minyan, June 2011, Washington, DC Chanted for Rosh Chodesh, Adas Israel morning minyan, July 2011, Washington, DC Chanted for Rosh Chodesh, Adas Israel morning minyan, August 2011, Washington, DC Chanted Parashat VaEtchanan 1st Aliyah, Adas Israel Shabbat Minchah and Monday and Thursday morning daily minyan readings, August 2011, Wash., DC Chanted Parashat VaEtchanan 1st Aliyah, Tiffereth Israel, August 2011, Wash., DC Chanted Parashat Shoftim 6th Aliyah, Tiffereth Israel, September 2011, Washington, DC Chanted Parashat Ki Tavo 1st Aliyah, Adas Israel Shabbat Minchah and Monday morning and Thursday morning daily minyan readings, September 2011, Wash., DC Chanted Parashat Ki Tavo 1st Aliyah, Tiffereth Israel, September 2011, Washington, DC Chanted Shmini Atzeret Aliyot 2-4, Tiffereth Israel, October 2011, Washington, DC Chanted Parashat Toldot 7th Aliyah, Tiffereth Israel, November 2011, Washington, DC Chanted Parashat Miketz 6th Aliyah, Tiffereth Israel, December 2011, Washington, DC Chanted Parashat Yayigash 4th Aliyah, Tiffereth Israel, December 2011, Washington, DC Chanted Megilat Esther, Chapter 7, Tiffereth Israel, March 2012, Washington, DC Led Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv, Silver Spring Egalitarian Minyan, March 30, 2012 Chanted Shabbat Pesach days 1 and 8 #1, Tiffereth Israel, April 2012, Washington, DC Led Psukei D´Zimrah (Shabbat) service, Tiffereth Israel, 26 May 2012, Washington, DC Chanted Shavuot DayI 5th Aliyah, Tiffereth Israel, Sunday, 27 May 2012, Washington, DC Chanted for Rosh Chodesh, Tiffereth Israel, Sunday, August 2012, Washington, DC Chanted Parashat Bo, Aliyah Rishon, Ohr Kodesh, 17 January, 2013, Chevy Chase, MD Chanted Parashat Yitro Rishon, Ohr Kodesh, 28, 31 January, 2013, Chevy Chase, MD Chanted Parashat Yitro Rishon, Tiffereth Israel, 2 February, 2013, Washington, DC Chanted for Rosh Chodesh Chanukah, Women of the Wall service at Adas Israel, Friday, 14 December 2012, and Monday, 11 February, 2013, Washington, DC Chanted Megilat Esther, Ch. 7, Tiffereth Israel, 23,24 February 2013, Washington, DC Led Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv, Classic Residences, 29.3.2013, Chevy Chase, MD Chanted for Rosh Chodesh for Washington Women of the Wall, 11.4.13, Tiffereth Israel Led Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv, Silver Spring Egalitarian Minyan, 19 April, 2013 Chanted Parashat Emor Shlishi, Tiffereth Israel, 27 April, 2013, Washington, DC Led Shabbat Maariv service, Tiffereth Israel, 3 May 2013, Washington, DC OTHER ACTIVITIES Joined Women´s Chevra Kadisha of Greater Washington, DC January, 2013, Sang Negro Freedom Spirituals, Sephardic ballads, Hebrew and Spanish songs: Takoma Park Open Mic, Modern Times Cafe Open Mic, The DC Center for GLBT Rights Open Mic and poetry performance nights: 2010- 2012, SERVAS hostess, 2003-2005, Volunteer Receptionist Latino Community Center, Nashua NH, Summer 2002, Exercise and cleaning/care for horses, Nashua, NH and Puerto Morelos, MX, Fencing, Weaving, Markland ‘Battle of Hastings’ Reenactor, Capitol Area Food Bank Volunteer (1997), Civil Air Patrol, National Capital Wing (cadet Lt. Colonel -1987, Bolling Cadet Squadron, Bolling AFB) (1985-1989), Israel Scholarship: Council of the Great City Schools (November, 1987), Tuskegee Summer Flight Scholarship: Negro Airmen International (1986), passed FAA Written Exam for Private Pilot (1986) to be continued…