Guest Post from WillowCroft: On Responsible Choices

This is WillowCroft’s guest post, which expresses powerfully what is at stake for us:

The Most Responsible Choice I Ever Made

     I had a choice, the choice that has now been horrifyingly stripped from citizens of the United States. I made my choice. And it was one of the few wise choices I’ve made during my entire life. For myself, and for the fetus. And for this populated-by-too-many-humans-already world, where resources are becoming more and more scarce. It was an eminently responsible choice on all fronts.

     Because I had a choice, my future child didn’t have to be born into the world I wish I hadn’t been born into.

     A world of catastrophic environmental destruction and widespread animal extinction.

     A world where 99% can’t afford to buy food, much less have a place to live, and forget about buying a home these days, of course. And whom are also deprived of essential health care.

     A world where in order to have access to education after high school, they have to saddle themselves with student debt so crushing they will never be able to pay it off.

     A world where inflation is raising prices to exorbitant levels, but the level of pay doesn’t rise to match. Unless you’re among the 1%.

     A world that still refuses to evolve out of some archaic patriarchal, colonial, and intolerant society and strips one of the few protected rights a woman has in this world as a result, with more to come for all citizens of the United States.

     This is the world that those people on the Supreme Court insist that children be brought into, by law.

     And that decision is a thousand times more irresponsible than any choice I have ever made in my life.  And I’ve made some real stinkers, believe me.

     And these are the people who insist on displaying their control over an entire country, and yet they refuse to even allow women to have control over their own bodies.

     I am sickened.

     I can’t even wrap my head around it.

     I’m glad I don’t have children and grandchildren here to witness this travesty.

     To witness this despicable proof that humanity has continued to stay stagnant and even regress in the evolutionary process to a point in time that occurred decades ago.

     But what can you expect from a large portion of society that doesn’t even think evolution is real?

     If they did, perhaps they’d be more thoughtful about making choices from a static, outdated pool of religious beliefs, as opposed to embracing the ever-evolutionizing fields of science, rationale, knowledge, and even those religions that have chosen to evolve with the current era.

     This is a choice the Supreme Court has made against the progress of humanity. It has closed the door on the last bits of hope I had that maybe humanity could bring the world back from the brink it toppled over long ago in terms of human rights, in terms of non-human rights, in terms of the environment.

     Where do we go from here?

     What choices do we have left?

     What regressive horrors await humanity and animals/nature next, at the hands of this Supreme Court?

How do we, as exemplified by the mores of the Project Do Better blog, continue to “Do Better”?

Form our own country?

Share your thoughts below.

Thank you, Willow.



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