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Dear Reader: I am just starting to review the Netflix series Lupin: Dans l’ombre d’Arsène (Lupin: In the shadow of Arsène), the week before the New Year, 12022 HE.

I hope that you find meaning, as I have, in these episodes inspired by the classic French stories by Maurice Leblanc, and updated for modern times by Omar Sy.

I mention this in each review, when I match a story to the episode (actually, often several different stories are mentioned in a single episode) that I listened to the stories, especially one in particular, on …)

“Passons à la magie ” :

Ch. 1: Part 1, ep. 1,

Ch. 2: Part 1, ep. 2, posting the first Friday after the New Year

Ch. 3: Part 1, ep. 3, posting French Friday (sorry, this one had a bit less French…)

Ch. 4: Part 1, ep. 4,

Ch. 5: Part 1, ep. 5,

Ch. 6: Part 2, ep. 1,

Ch. 7: Part 2, ep. 2,

Ch. 8: Part 2, ep. 3,

Chptr 9 (part 2, ep. 4),

and the last episode of Part 2: Chapter 10.

Now, we anxiously await the arrival of Part 3, Mr. Sy!! 🙂

Thoughtful Readers:

Action Prompt:

      Share your thoughts on how story, like that of Assane Diop, inspires problem-solving, and might keep all children safe, please, and  feel free to share your thoughts on how we Human Beings might start to build a more fully inclusive society for all of us.  If you are inspired to write a book, story, post or tweet that uses these thoughts, we would love to hear about it here.


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10 thoughts on “Lupin Reviews

    1. Thank you, Karen: I’ve been comparing them, most of the time, in my reviews, but not systematically. I have listened to some of the stories, like L’aiguille creuse, on, but I’ll also have a listen to the Radio France emission, asap!

      Many thanks,

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    2. J’étais en train de regarder cette série autrefois quand j’ai vu l’hôtel La chambre , bon, le numéro de chambre, et aussi le mot de passe de Guidera: les deux étaient 813, je me suis dit tiens ça semble intéressant et voilà après les recherches c’était un bouquin d’Arcins du pain ou et il doive faire le boulot de police cars ils le croisent coupable d’un meurtre, et de quelque autre chose qu’il n’a pas fait.

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