Lesson Plans: Algebra, Empathy Building, and HiSET/GED/High School Equivalency

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I am starting a Public Financial Knowledge Infrastructure series, to kick off the Each One Teach One ‘financial self-defense’ part of Project Do Better: Phase I.

With regard to lesson plans: My last year of teaching was in a High School Equivalency and Adult Basic Education (HSE/ABE) classroom with a rather varied set of adult students, needing a quite varied set of lessons. Thus, I developed these 67 three hour lesson plans, and published them as free PDF documents, which I update on this blog regularly.

Algebra: I am first posting one of my more comprehensive college algebra: functions vs. relations lesson plan pdfs, and

a rationalizing the denominator example, saved from when I taught Algebra at a Community College.

Empathy-building 4-Set: I realized, in May ’22, that many different types of work can build empathy, needed for learning, via multiple learning modalities, including the work I’ve done over the years on this empathy 4-tuple: creating singing walking tours, classroom lesson plans, historical fiction story, and language learning.

HSE Lessons: I am also posting each week, with updates for discussion, in order to allow them maximum flexibility in their independent learning. I offer them freely, in the hope that other teachers and independent learners may also benefit from this work.

My calculations, based on my own study, write-up, and teaching, is that a reasonably quick learner would be able to complete the GED exams with five months of study, studying 8 to 10 hours per day, every weekday (and maybe some weekends), using these 67 lesson plans and the linked readings.

I hope that you find meaning, and that you will share your thoughts on these lesson plans. There were 5 months in this semester, with an 18 week class schedule, at the Continuing Ed. Eventually I will put the weeks in place to organize this list more cleanly. The most recent versions of each lesson here on my blog are linked below:

Lesson 1 of 67,

Lesson 2,

Lesson 3,

Lesson 4,

Lesson 5,

Lesson 6,

Lesson 7,

Lesson 8,

Lesson 9,

Lesson 10,

Lesson 11,

Lesson 12,

Lesson 13,

Lesson 14,

Lesson 15,

Lesson 16,

Lesson 17,

Lesson 18,

Lesson 19,

Lesson 20,

Lesson 21,

Lesson 22,

Lesson 23,

Lesson 24,

Lesson 25,

Lesson 26,

Lesson 27,

Lesson 28,

Lesson 29,

Lesson 30,

Lesson 31,

Lesson 32,

Lesson 33,

Lesson 34,

Lesson 35,

Lesson 36,

Lesson 37,

Lesson 38,

Lesson 39,

Lesson 40,

Lesson 41 Week 11/18,

Lesson 42,

Lesson 43,

Lesson 44,

Lesson 45,

Lesson 46,

Lesson 47,

Lesson 48,

Lesson 49,

Lesson 50,

Lesson 51,

Lesson 52,

Lessson 53,

Lesson 54, week 14/18,

Lesson 55,

Lesson 56,

Lesson 57,

Lesson 58, week 16/18,

Lesson 59,

Lesson 60,

Lesson 61/67,

Lesson 62, week 17,

Lesson 63,

Lesson 64,

lesson 65,

Lesson 66,

Final lesson of the 5 month semester: Lesson 67/67.

Learn, Share, “Be Kind.”




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Holistic High School Lessons,

Thoughtful Readers,  please consider reading about   #ProjectDoBetter.


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15 thoughts on “Lesson Plans: Algebra, Empathy Building, and HiSET/GED/High School Equivalency

  1. Continuing in series of plans for 5 month semester, pdf of core lesson plans posted here, with updated readings, discussions, links, and images on blog. Always free for educators and learners. At this stage in my lesson planning, I finally had time to make the plans nicer, so quality is improving as well. Can send rtf files to profs wishing to modify plans for teaching as long as no profit is made on them.

    In Service to a Kinder World,
    Shira Destinie Jones, MAT

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