Learning Via Writing: Nonfiction, and Historical Fiction

        I have published several nonfiction books, and a few nonfiction works. 

   All of my publications, workshops, and even song events, listed together in a rather long list that is first summarized in a grid, can be found here.

   My nonfiction, since “knowledge wants to be free,” is always available free of charge in online format.  Narrative and Prose Nonfiction,  via my academic work (most of which is on Academia.edu), my shorter more “accessible” book Stayed On Freedom’s Call, and my short stories using narrative format to dramatize real life events, are all available at that link.  The Do Better manifesto is available there as a PDF, and also in other locations and formats.

     My  Historical Fiction Serial Stories  are also freely available, as I publish Ann & Anna every Sunday, here on this blog, while my novel in progress, working title Who By Fire, is intended to be published by a traditional publisher, and will therefore not be available for free, I presume, depending on my publishing contract.   I do share tidbits about my protagonist, his wife, and their son.  My next Work In Progress, after that, is also in the planning stages.

Thoughtful Readers:

      Share your thoughts on how writing inspires problem-solving, and might keep all children safe, please, and  feel free to share your thoughts on how we Human Beings might start to build a more fully inclusive society for all of us.  If you are inspired to write a book, story, post or tweet that uses these thoughts, we would love to hear about it here.


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4 thoughts on “Learning Via Writing: Nonfiction, and Historical Fiction

  1. I just realized that I’m woefully behind in reading Ann and Anna. I’ll try to rectify that. I hope your work on Who By Fire is going well and that you will get to keep the title you want.

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    1. No worries, and good to see you back, Janet! I’ve finally finished the Do Better manifesto, so that I can get back to Who By Fire, now.
      Looking forward to your thoughts on each Anna chapter!

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