How to Help Jackson, MS

   Locals currently have a very small bit of low pressure contaminated running water, apparently, which “Dr. Daniel Edney, a Missouri State Health Officer, advised Jackson residents to boil water for three minutes before use rather than just one minute to be safe, according to Mississippi Today.

Jackson, Miss. water distribution sites:

In response to the water crisis, Jackson is passing out free cases of bottled water as well as tankers of non-potable water, which is not for consumption, but for things like flushing toilets and cleaning.

The City of Jackson recommends directly donating to the Mississippi Rapid Response Coalition’s Water Fund. And, if you are local to the area, you can reach out to about volunteer opportunities.”

from this article.

Now, for the longer term problem, which that state has created through neglecting public schools, public infrastructure, public transportation, and public health services: as Project Do Better has previously pointed out, massive cooperation must go beyond addressing the emergency situation, and look to the long term hindrances on voting and voice for all citizens of MS.



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Shira Destinie A. Jones, MPhil, MAT, BSCS


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10 thoughts on “How to Help Jackson, MS

  1. The citizens of these states need to stop voting against their best interests for one thing. I don’t want to blame the victims, but when I worked with Community Organizers we ran into that time and time again.

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    1. True, but in most of these states, education, not to mention outright intimidation and voter suppression, is a severe problem. When my mother had trouble in Bay St. Louis, MS, I urged her to call her reps, and she said ‘My senator is Trent Lott and I was a member of the American Indian Movement -there is no way I am calling these guys!’

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