Day 2/67 of 5 month GED, Adulting, and the Nile

Project Do Better starts  with empathy building, which both leads to and requires continuous learning.  Today’s question is about the Nile:

how do you imagine that you would you feel about the river, if you were an Ancient Egyptian?

This is a particularly key concept for all of us who live near water, or nowhere near water, to consider regularly because, how do we know if there is or isn’t enough of it (as someone in Fresno, CA asked me recently: why does it not look like we have a water shortage…)?

Actions  for Adulting that we can take right now:

     Consider our responsibility to give back to the community, share your thoughts here on how education helps that process, and then share your thoughts on how you might feel if you lived near the Nile, if you can remember back 4000 years ago.

Share your thoughts on how to build buy-in create a more equal, or at least less inequitable, society, please.   Writing, by the way, is my personal contribution to Project Do Better

What would yours be, if you had time?


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Holistic High School Lessons,

Shira Destinie A. Jones, MPhil, MAT, BsCs

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