Moody Mondays idea: Fully Inclusive Equality via Project Do Better, fka The Four Freedoms Movement

How can we get to a world in which every human being is safe: fed, clothed, sheltered, educated and cared for so that every person can contribute the most fully to Humanity?

per Covey: starting with The Eventual End Goals of The Four Freedoms Movement (allowing each person to contribute fully): (Note that this post is updated in the above link to the published version of the Do Better guidebook for Project Do Better…)

Phase IV

(With 40-60 years of steps in between…)

1. Each child, at birth, receives half a hectare of land, non-alienable. The person may rent, lend or swap the land, but always remains the owner of the land or the swapped parcel. Where ever the location, it should have a well and be arable. (This way, at a minimum, every person on the planet will own at least 1/2hectare of land, free and clear, with no way to lose it…)

2. Beans, Rice, local Greens, and enough fresh drinking/cooking water, and fresh or filtered salt water for bathing for every individual person;

3. Free Bedsit or Tiny House for each individual person, accessible from the time a child can safely (independently) cook an egg; (now “meal” for vegan friendlier reading… thanks to Violet…)

4. Each family should have a book in the local public library, containing the autobiography of every adult in the family (which means that each person needs free time and the means to write his or her autobiography).

5. Each ADULT is both:

  1. trained to serve in the national protection forces (police or military), and
  2. prepared to rotate, if called upon, into a limited time term of either Jury Duty, city, state, or federal level government duty as a local/state or federal Representative or Senator, Governor, or cabinet member. A system of sortition could gradually replace elections for the House of Representatives and state assembly lower chambers, followed by the upper chambers and executive level elected positions via IRV/Ranked Choice Voting, as the national educational system evens up in quality across the country.

Getting there from … some point in the future:

Phase III: The Three Universals:

Free access to all levels of

1.) universal higher or trade-craft education,

2.) universal basic income, which the use of local currencies may help with,

3.) and full universal health care, for every person, are the three key parts of Phase III, which comes after:

Phase II, which is: taking the Adulthood Challenge

  1. Each person, as a child, must learn to swim (or at least float).
  2. Each child must learn emotional/psychological self-defense and physical self-defense to the greatest extent possible, in a Gandhian context, as well as financial self-defense.
    (1 and 2 are part of the pre-Adulthood pre-requisite criteria:)
  3. Then, each child may decide to remain a Pre-Adult, having all basic human needs met, but being barred from undertaking Phase IV adult roles, such as serving in protective or governmental positions.
  4. After passing prerequisites 1 and 2, and deciding to test for Adulthood, any Pre-Adult may choose to attempt The Adulthood Challenge, of teaching some person a needed and difficult skill, such as speaking a language from 0 words, or teaching someone to read, beginning with the alphabet. A task, in other words, that ordinarily averages 2-3 years in the classroom setting.

Phase II is about both a new rite of passage into a new form of adulthood, and also about forming a culture in which “each one teach one” is taken seriously as a duty to humankind.

The current stage is Phase I:

Phase I involves both a preparation period for the coming stages as well as an on-going process of empathy-building, while actively building full support for our key publicdomaininfrastructure.

Action Items in support of literacy and inclusivity that you can take right now:

1.) Download two differently sourced documents about sortition,

2.) Read a page,

3.) Share your thoughts on that page,

4.) Write a novel that imagines a safer and kinder world than we have now. Once published, donate one or more copies to your local public library, as I intend to do.


Click here to read, if you like:

Science Fiction/Fantasy Shows,  Lupin, or Money Heist

Holistic High School Lessons,

           or Long Range Nonfiction, or Historical Fiction

Thoughtful Reader, please consider sharing   #ProjectDoBetter.


Shira Destinie Jones’ work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


387 thoughts on “Moody Mondays idea: Fully Inclusive Equality via Project Do Better, fka The Four Freedoms Movement

  1. These phases and some of the ideas have been refined, as I’ve now finished the Rough Draft of this book, and am putting the order of ideas into a checklist form so that a large spreadsheet can be created to allow others to volunteer for specific tasks related to this project, once the book (working title Baby Acres/Floors) is done.

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  2. Thanks to a friend for this suggestion: “Combining them would help, so there are a smaller number of actions. For example, on 10/12’s post, I would convert the action items to:

    1.) Download two differently sourced documents about sortition, read a page from each, and comment below with your thoughts about what you read

    2.) Have more time? Write a novel that imagines a safer and kinder world than we have now, and tells a good story, that might make a difference. I’m working on that through my historical fantasy #WiP, #WhoByFireIWill. Once published, donate one or more copies to your local public library, as I intend to do.”

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  3. Wow! You’ve got it all worked out! So much intricate thought gone into this. It sounds like something from a space-age story. I love it all except – would you consider changing number 3 of stage IV to ‘cook a meal’ instead of ‘cook an egg’? Eggs come from a brutal practice without exception. People who breed chickens (even for backyard keepers) kill most of the males because they are not needed, probably by wringing their necks. On farms (even if they’re free-range, organic farms) the males will be killed by gassing or being thrown alive into the mincer. Laying hens are also killed at 18 months old because they stop laying as many eggs. A totally compassionate, empathetic society, therefore, needs to be vegan. 😀

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    1. What?!
      Thrown alive into a mincer??!!
      That’s barbaric!

      Thank you, Violet! I shall indeed change that! In fact, I think I did begin to change it last time I spotted it, but I’ll need to search the current draft to be sure. At the time I wrote it, I was thinking of free range eggs, and how easy it is to boil one, but now that you have explained this, wow, I’ll get right on it.

      That’s horrible, even for meat-eaters, who could imagine that?
      Not like the other ways of killing the poor creatures are much better, but that takes the cake!

      Thank you, again, Violet, for enlightening us: you are right. An empathetic society should have it’s stomach turned by what we do to prepare our “food” and never tell people…

      In Service to Empathy,

      (and no longer in need of my breakfast…)

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    2. Just lost a long reply I wrote after my first reply! 😦
      Basically about “la cha-cha de la casa” wringing a rooster’s neck in Spain, and how the entire hierarchy produces cruelty that rolls downhill, as we say.

      I’ve had since 2009 to ponder this: actually a friend from Mexico commented to me back at that time that this idea would never work, but agreed that providing tools was important.

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        1. An excellent idea: if only I’d known it was going to be a long reply! It was off the cuff, and surprised me when I finished, then choked me when I hit send to see that I was offline!
          But the essence was simply that you’re quite right, and I noticed it back in 2001 during this class, with the song that everyone took for granted, explaining the role of the “Cha-cha” as having no power in the house, but she does: over the poor rooster! And no one noticed that it actually critique’s the cruelty shot through our entire society.
          Oops, this comment is getting long again, too!
          Anyways, thank you for that explanation of the cruelty inherent in even the free range egg system.

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