Ministry Mondays Review: El Capitán Alatriste, by Pérez-Reverte

    This is the famous person for whom everyone keeps mistaking Alonso, in El Ministerio del Tiempo.

Alonso, por Omar R. La Rosa
Alonso, por Omar R. La Rosa

I read this book, and thought I had reviewed it, as I noted in 2018:   ”

Creî que habîa escrito una revista de este libro ya hace tiempo que tal vez se perdiô, pero bueno. Me encantô la trama y sobre todo la relacion entre Alatriste y Iñigo. / Thought I had reviewed this book some time ago, and maybe it got lost, but ok. I loved the drama and above all, the relationship between Alatriste and Inigo.”

citing especially the last line “que hubiera estado pensando/he could have been thinking” regarding the friend whose execution they watched, after feasting all night the evening before with the condemned man. So, to summarize, this book is about a 16th century Spanish soldier who forms part of the elite corps of loyal Spaniards fighting for the empire in many places, particularly Flanders. The hero, Capitan Alatriste, is a solid man, not a man of trifles, but a decent man, raising as his adopted son the friend of a fallen comrade. There are so many beautiful moments that I must go find this book again and read it, especially since it has been over a decade now since I read it, and my Spanish has also improved, so the reading experience will be far easier, and maybe I missed a few things.


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