Cool!! Educational colouring book — Violet’s Vegan Comics

Her work is very much in line with Project Do Better.


Here is a wonderful educational colouring book:  Colour By Nutrients. It is at once a resource for artistic indulgence and an educational tool.  Divided into chapters of different vitamins and minerals, the book illustrates which foods contain significant amounts of each.  The authors are happy for teachers and parents to photocopy the colouring pages for use […]

Educational colouring book — Violet’s Vegan Comics

22 thoughts on “Cool!! Educational colouring book — Violet’s Vegan Comics

    1. Yes, it is! Thank you for reading and commenting on this share of their post!
      I love Violet and Miranda’s way of teaching both nutrition and empathy at the same time!!
      Stay safe,

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      1. Yeah, and the book is really well organized and cool fonts and great drawings. Both kids and adults would love it and learn alot. Myself included 😃 . I’ll go through it some more and then maybe also do a simple book review about it on my blog.

        Stat safe as well and thanks for sharing.

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        1. Excellent!
          Please feel free to link to your review here, as a comment to connect to this rePost so that we can all share your review. Looking forward to it!
          Thanks, and stay safe!

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