Day 26/67 High School in Five Months, Relationships, and Adulting Education

     Understanding how to see how various shapes, quantities, people, or policies relate to each other is a crucial part of Adult citizenship responsibility,  and is thus part of any democracy movement as well. 


     The relationship between a square and a rectangle is quite simple, analogous to the relationship between Newton’s Laws of Motion and Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity: that of the special case of the larger subset.

week 7/18
Day 26 Lesson Plan
Grammar: commas and clauses
Easiest math: area of rectangles & squares

(Day 25Day 27)


     Share your  thoughts on why is it important to understand relationships between ideas, do you think, and write a book, story, blog post or tweet that uses those thoughts.  Please tell us about it! If you write a book, once it is published please consider donating a copy to your local public library.

Dear Readers, ideas on learning, especially multiple #LanguageLearning, on-going education and empathy-building, to #EndPoverty, #EndHomelessness,  #EndMoneyBail & achieve freedom for All HumanKind? 

Support our key #PublicDomainInfrastructure  & #StopSmoking for CCOVID-19:
1. #PublicLibraries,
2. #ProBono legal aid and Education,
3. #UniversalHealthCare, and
4. good #publictransport

 -we can learn from the past Stayed on Freedom’s Call,

                by Teaching and Learning (Lesson Plan List) in the present, to

                                                                         help build a kinder future:  Project Do Better


Peace     ! שָׁלוֹם

Shira Destinie A. Jones, MPhil, MAT, BSCS


the year, 2021 CE = year 12021 HE

(5 month GED lesson 22 of 67 plans…), and

                                              Babylon 5 review posts, and my historical fiction serial Ann&Anna posts show how story inspires learning…

Stayed on Freedom’s Call
includes two ‘imagination-rich’ walking tours, with songs, of Washington, DC. New interviews and research are woven into stories of old struggles shared by both the Jewish and African-American communities in the capital city.

Shared histories are explored from a new perspective of cultural parallels and parallel institution-building which brought the two communities together culturally and historically.


Creative Commons License
Shira Destinie Jones’ work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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