Day 1/67 of High School in 5 months, Geo, and Adulting as on-going education

      Freedom starts  with empathy, which both leads to and requires continuous learning. Today’s Adult Basic Education vocabulary begins with Geo, of Greek origin, meaning Earth.             (“Give me a word, any word…”)

     This is a particularly key concept for all of us, who dwell on Earth, to consider regularly, perhaps?

-Lesson Plan for today in PDF format, see syllabus for details.

(Remember that you can always do a harder or easier Khan Academy assignment …)

Take the Grammar PreTest, and then Go at your own pace after getting 100% right on the quiz of your choice!…

    (Lesson plans:  Day 67/67Day 2/67)

Actions to support Adulting that we can all take right now:

    Consider our responsibility to “promote the general welfare” of society, and share your thoughts here on how High School education starts that process, then, share your thoughts on how on-going learning, such as learning a language, continues that process, and can also build empathy, and a build a sense of responsibility for helping others learn details like the local laws regarding debt, housing, and local resources for the under-served, like ProBono legal aid.



Click here to read:

B5, Hakan: Muhafiz/The Protector, Lupin, or Money Heist Reviews

Holistic High School Lessons,

           or Nonfiction History,  Historical Fiction Stories




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