– Thankful for… and A Little Help wThis IDentity Thing, pls?

The problem with thinking is that you start to ruminate, and that’s not good when a tractor comes by!   Today at least I got to finish my morning run before I started seriously ruminating.  (Kind of like the cows, but less smelly, I hope.)

But then I started, and Lo and Behold, my only good childhood memory came for a visit: Grandma Marie!

I must admit that I am thankful for my (adoptive) Great Grandmother, who taught me to fry chicken, to read, to write, and that “Cookin Lasts, Kissin Don’t.”

But the oddest part is that today I feel guilty for not dealing with my whole family of origin thing.  Not finishing my reading for the Latino Slaves research I started after looking up my 5xGr grandfather Miles Manzilla, for the WikiTree Slavery Project which, btw desperately needs someone to take it over, if anyone has time to volunteer (no, WikiTree is not perfect, but it is more open than others, and claims to want to build a Worldwide Family Tree).

And how do you figure out who you are, anyway?  My half-written climactic chapter  (which I need to finish by writing 3100 words Today -gack!!) is driving me crazy because the nutcase mixed-trying-to-escape-her-origins Protagonist  can’t decide between her origins and her husband’s culture.
Oh, and I haven’t eaten -probably explains that ‘burning from within’ in my stomach, and visions of cows becoming steak!! (sorry, cows, and Mr. Farmer neighbor…).
Ok, enough rumminating, sorry to have bored you guys, but I hope you all at least got a little laugh!

In Solidarity with All Kind People,
Peace via Cooperation and Non-Cooperation,

26 November 12015 HE

11 thoughts on “– Thankful for… and A Little Help wThis IDentity Thing, pls?

  1. I read the draft. I didn’t have a clear idea of the place. The protagonist seems freaked by the smallest sounds, obviously PTSD, but when her friend Marie came, making a big noise, she didn’t blink an eye! I at first thought she was alone but then she had a husband and the friend and neighbours. The first room we find her in first works with the few frights she experiences but I find the jump to a social situation with her friend a bit sudden, a bit incongruous even? I didn’t do a word count, but with such a beginning to the story, I’d have wanted more detail, perhaps a flashback or two?, of the why of her?

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    1. Ah, ok, more backstory for protag: come to think of it, I don’t think I ever did give much backstory for any of my MCs. Thanks, and also for clarifying the setting: I sat down to edit for setting, and realized that my problem with this practice novel is that it was written for one particular person, which is why I had so much trouble making it definite. I also thought about Marie’s entrance: I’d meant to convey that expected noises were identified, and thus ok, but you’re right, that scene also needs a re-write.
      All of which I will take into account in my next practice novel!
      Thank you for reading and giving me feedback! I really appreciate it.

      (update: All 18 chapters are now back up on Wattpad, with explanation of why I’ve not finished the 3rd draft…)

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        1. Thanks! I’m currently planning a novel with Marie as the protag, and actually having fun with this one, instead of fighting off panic attacks every few hours! 🙂 My therapist pointed out that H&H is really a Save The World novel, like CFoF and my phd work, so no wonder I am not enjoying the work, but I love “Out There” Marie Blazer! 🙂 Guess who she’s modeled on (are you on FB, by any chance?)!

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          1. I closed my fb account sometime ago. I don’t get on with how it operates. So far, I’ve used my own experiences in attempts at novel writing. Best I’ve done so far is just short of 2000 words though! I think the idea is to have fun, even while being serious about the topic or theme. If you have any other written stuff on the ‘net, let me have the link, I’d like to read it. My ‘fictional’ works are only on the sites of the institutions through which I’ve done courses, like Futurelearn and Novoed. I’m not confident enough to let it see the light of day yet.

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            1. Can’t blame you: I stay on FB for ‘propaganda purposes’ mostly, but I’d forgotten that I had posted the link to my gr. grandmother here in this post (it’s up front on my FB): she is the model for my new protag. 🙂 I think you found both of my practice novel drafts (and next in the series mis-fire) here on WP: https://shiradest.wordpress.com/tag/cfof/ and on Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/ShiraDest (I am slowly putting a few things up on Media, but just reposts…)
              I look forward to seeing more of your work!

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