Day 4/67: GED in 5 months, and context

As healthy adults, do we always make sure to look at the full context of a given situation, comment, or quotation, when we make judgements about things we hear, or even see? 

Learning to take the context of a situation into account, much like figuring out the meaning of a word based on the context of the words around it, is part of education, and part of continuous Adulting Education also, as we all remember this important practice.

Here is the lesson plan for Day 4, of 67:   (Week 2 of 18 weeks…), in which we looked at a bit of the context surrounding Cesar’s crossing of the Rubicon crossing_the_rubicon

Day 4 Lesson Plan, of 67 days

Khan Academy Subj Obj practice
Khan Academy Prime Fact.

optional Fun ExtraSolving Mult

Story Problems


(Day 3Day 5…)

Action Items:

1.) What, if you recall, was the context in which Caesar took his troops into Rome?

2.) How would the bringing of his troops from Gaul into Rome have seemed to you, in the overall context of the Roman Republic’s expanding territories and conflicts, and in light of  the fact that that action was illegal?


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