Day 3/67 of Five Month GED, and Adulting as creative problem solving

Learning to solve problems, which I think is the essence of Adulting, begins at an early age and continues to count for a lifetime. Today’s lesson poses a question: What numbers did the ancient Greeks use for counting?

That question was meant to raise the problem of counting non-discrete quantities before Arabic numerals came to Europe (from India).  The problem itself was meant to introduce the concept of using mind-maps BestMindMap as a tool to begin the problem-solving process_of_problem_solving process.

Here is the lesson plan for Day 3, of 67, week 1/18:

Day 3 LessonPlan

Khan Academy conjunctions practice 

Interactive lie/lay quiz 

  Khan Academy LCM practice 

33×33 Times Table Chart helps, 33MultTable especially if you write it by hand!!   3rdDayExitSlips

(Day 2Day 4)

Action Items:

1.) What algorithm do you follow to solve complex problems?

2.) Do you track possible solutions as they fail and as they begin to work?


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Holistic High School Lessons,



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