French Fridays Review: The Corsican Brothers (Les Frères Corses), by Alexandre Dumas, Pere

    Wow, this is a book worth listening to and then reading, several times!  I love this comment from the summary on a site called Fabula, an org that appears to promote public domain books in French:
“Ce roman est destiné à deux catégories de lecteurs : les Corses, et les autres. / This novel is for two types of readers: Corsicans, and everyone else.”

    Still waiting on pins and needles, argh!

 as I schedule this post, for Lupin Part 3 Lupin10  to start up again, with Omar Sy (whose revenge takes a slightly more dapper and modern turn than that of the Spartan style brother from Napoleon’s home island…)!!! 

I listened to this one via litteratureaudio, a free Public Domain ebook service not unlike, but I still do not know why it is a dot com rather than a dot org.  It seems to have many more of Dumas’ books, and the readers seem to be far better, but it is more difficult to listen to the books, at least so far, even logged in as a Follower of several readers.  

(Just ask if I forget any translations from my reading updates…):
J’ai écoutée, gratuitement, bien sur, la version de littératureaudio lu par Juliette. C’est très intrigant ce livre, avec les jeaumeaux identiques, les visites des morts qui ne mens pas, et surtout la vendetta. Très intéressant comment histoire et aussi pour connaitre les habitudes des Corses. Et la dernierre ligne ! Incroyable !!

I listened to the litaudio version read by Juliette. It was a very intriguing book, with identical twins, visits from the dead who do not lie, and above all, The Vendetta. Very interesting as a story and also to see the customs of the Coriscans. And the last line of the story! Incredible!!

and La guerre entre deux familles durant 4 siecles !  /  and a 4 century long family feud!

End of chapter 12 -excellent suspense, as always, with Mr. Dumas, pere.

   Once again, Mr. Dumas does not disappoint.  Interesting how he manages to insert himself, the author, as a character in this frame story.
Many thanks to all of the volunteers who read these books in the public domain.



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