Minbari Mondays, and Two Lessons from “Walkabout” (B5:s3e18) on Too Much for Yourself, vs. Making a Difference

       This week’s lessons:

          1.   Even Vorlons, as intelligent and advanced as they are, can lack empathy, despite the gruff empathy of Kosh the Good.  Even the ‘good guys’ can have diversity.  In not good ways.

          2.   Those who lack empathy will probably never expect different types of people to be able to work together, so diversity and cooperation really are strengths.  This is the failure of Shadow understanding, fortunately for us.


          This episode is not one of my favorites.  I always feel angry at the spoiled hypocrisy of Dr. Franklin, even as I cheer the cooperation of those Minbari telepaths who saved Sheridan in battle, while a singer is saving hope in Down Below.

   Those opening credits grab me more than ever, now, with worried looks, thinning hair, and horror.

   Garibaldi has the best crew/regular cast line, in this episode: 

“…the cause is just, and fair, and necessary.”

     Yet, my favorite line, perhaps of the entire season, is that absolute truth ending with the conviction of hope: DieDifference  

“Honey, we are all gonna die from something.           …        I can make a difference.”

   An absolutely beautiful line from an absolutely beautiful woman.

  Let’s learn to build tools and the trust to share those tools, for our cause is just, and fair, and necessary.”                  

   Let’s help “make a difference.”

    We really can Do Better.


Last Monday’s review was S3e17: Minbari Mondays, and Two Lessons from “War Without End, P2” (B5:s3e17) on Empathy & Trust , and then

 the Minbari Monday before the one that  Neatnik said he has been waiting for:

           Season 3 ep19: ” Grey 17 is Missing




Nih sakh sh’lekk, sleem wa.

I come in peace, I am your friend.



Action Prompts:

1.)  Share your thoughts on how we Human Beings might start to build a more fully inclusive society for all of us, and how this episode of Babylon 5 could help that process.

2.) Write a book, story, post or tweet that uses these thoughts.


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8 thoughts on “Minbari Mondays, and Two Lessons from “Walkabout” (B5:s3e18) on Too Much for Yourself, vs. Making a Difference

  1. Sci-fi has quite often depicted how such greatly advanced races, like the Vorlons and Shadows, the Q Continuum or the Time Lords, may seem less empathic as a consequences of how overwhelming they’re powers can be. It always makes me appreciate that sometimes we ‘mere mortals’ can have it better off thanks to how our struggles and strivings make us more morally aware. Thanks, Shira.

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  2. I consulted Jane Killick’s guide to the third season. (By the way, if you do not own her five-volume episode guide to the series, you may want to acquire these books.)

    I focus on your comment about Dr. Franklin.

    To that, Killick quotes JMS as analyzing Dr. Franklin in this episode. Dr. Franklin is not his usual self. He is instinctual. “That’s not the doctor,” JMS said. “That is somebody trying to step out of his skin because he knows he has a problem.”

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    1. Ah, that makes sense!
      I’ve been told that I cannot understand addictions, because I’ve never been addicted to anything (does being called a ‘workaholic count as an addiction?), but it came through pretty clearly, in the last episode dealing with his pilgrimage/walkabout journey, that he was intent upon “meeting himself” in some fashion.
      I must admit that I really still do not quite understand this idea. Personally, keeping a journal, reviewing it every few months, and adjusting my plans/ways of doing things/problem-solving actions accordingly seems to work better, for me, than such journeys as his, but then I do prefer the written word, in pretty much all ways.

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