French Fridays Litt. Library Review: Black, by Alexandre Dumas, père

    This book was a pretty pleasant surprise, though it required a bit of patience at the outset.  For dealing with such serious subjects, Dumas managed to inject a great deal of humor into the story.   I listened to it with a bit of difficulty as I was unable, for lack of storage space, to download the entire book and listen to it conveniently, so I used the website, which was not always perfect about keeping my place (I prefer Librivox for the ease of listening, although par contre, sorry, on the other hand, this site, Lit.Audio, has far more books, with better reading, and no commercials, while LibriVox is now interrupted by ads after every chapter unless you stop it just at the end of a chapter and then start the next chapter manually).

Waiting on pins and needles, argh!

 as I schedule this post, for Lupin Part 3  afisha_lupin  to start up again, with Omar Sy!!!

This book is well worth the read (or the listen), and has an excellent ending, which I highly recommend: I know that I promised I’d be adding more to the review, originally posted on GR, when I post it on my blog, but time has passed since I read it, and my only new perceptions are that it is hard to find a good friend, and even harder to find a man of sufficient honor to live his values, even at the price of his own death.  Please read my comments below, and then read or listen to this book, freely available in the Public Domain via several sources, in audio or text (links to the Electronic Library of Quebeq).

Mes commentaires pendant que j’ai lu ce livre:

“…et comme tous les esprits
paresseux, au lieu de dominer la scène et de rêver
à sa volonté … il fut bientôt
absorbé par elle et tomba dans cet affaiblissement
intellectuel pendant lequel la pensée semble
quitter le cerveau…d’accrocher un de ses rêves au passage et
de s’y arrêter, finit par produire une ivresse qui
rappelle de loin celle des fumeurs d’opium et des
mangeurs de hachich !”

December 26, 2022 –
10.0% “chap. 4: “et, Dieu merci ! les monstres sont rares.”

mais, ton bon dieu vous a menti, cars les monstres, ils sont pas rares du tout. Ils sont numbreux, et trés.

chap. 6 (end of ch. 5 ) :

again with jealousy around inheritance and older vs. younger brothers!!”
December 26, 2022 –
24.0% “pauvre cadet…”
December 26, 2022 –
25.0% “On vas avoir des problèmes…”
December 27, 2022 –
35.0% “Où il est démontré que les voyages forment la jeunesse
where it is show that traveling trains the young”
December 27, 2022 –
38.0% “Toutes les gens, filles inclus, doivent apprendre nager !
Everyone should learn to swim, girls included!”
December 27, 2022 –
39.0% “#Suspense “Murmura-l-il le nom de Mathilde ?
Nous n’étions pas là pour l’entendre, et nous n’en répondrions pas.”

Ahh ! Je doives savoir !!

Aha, voila la conection: “me confier
la peau du premier chien venu, dans laquelle,
n’importe où je serai, je briserai ma chaîne pour
t’aller rejoindre.””
December 28, 2022 –
49.0% “”Comme tous les esprits faibles, il aimait mieux rester dans le doute que d’avoir à prendre un parti.”  /Aha, ok, thank you, Mr. Dumas.  Seriously, this explains the irritating habit of idiots to prefer to ‘stay in doubt rather than take a side’ of a question -it is stupidity.

(Just ask if I forget any translations from my reading updates…)

And, it has been made into a film!
Many thanks to all of the volunteers who read these books in the public domain.



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  1. and I meant to add that And yes, I wondered what on earth this title was about! Once I figured that out, I wondered why I would want to continue listening to the book, but it was just interesting enough that I kept listening, and at the end, I was glad I did. And I don’t even like most dogs.

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