Repost of French Fridays Book Review with Maryse Condé

Es-ce qu’il y a d’autres ecrivanes noires francophones que vous aviatent lu ?
/ Are there other Black Francophone women writers you have read?

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

Wow : encroyable! Des la premiere fois qu’on voit un homme blanc jusqu’au consequences malhuereux d’influence d’eux, on lit en larmes…

From the first time that we see a white man until the unfortunate consequences of their influence one reads , in tears.

Unfortunately, I gave this book to someone who wanted to learn French a few years ago, so now I’ll have to get it again from the library to tell you what had me so moved, so many times, by this book.  It felt like it should have been Tome 1, segou1 but I think it turns out to be Tome 2 in her series on the African empire as it fell to Islam as used by other powers on one side, and the Europeans on the other, at pretty much the same time.  Both adversaries also used the Roman Divide and Conquer rule to tremendous effect.  Sadly.


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