Turkish Tuesdays, and Two Lessons from Hakan:Muhafiz/The Protector, s2e6, on Empathy, and Mistakes

What do we learn from season 2, episode 6?

1.)  Not everyone can be trusted.
2.)  Empathy Matters.
Sorry, not everyone deserves a second chance.   Azra is right.

And it’s not obvious that they let her go for a reason?
So, like Harry Potter, the orphan has an unknown inheritance.
Zeynep, gitme!
Gorgeous views of islands and the Bosporus, and of course the Aya Sofia.
There are only six immortals that we have seen so far, though Rüya has mentioned a Vezir, who might have shot Hakan when Ceylan died.
Why is the hero always the princess’s “only hope?”
Why does this Leyla keep insisting that women need some man to support them?
Finally, Azra admits her error.
For this day…
That is one more down, but 5 left.
Yeni yönetimi:. Rüya Hanım!
I guess this means they’ll have to rename the building…
But how did they do that?
And who is this Vızır she keeps mentioning?
Now Faysal helps Hakan?


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9 thoughts on “Turkish Tuesdays, and Two Lessons from Hakan:Muhafiz/The Protector, s2e6, on Empathy, and Mistakes

  1. This comment is on a Casa de Papel post, but seems more apt here:
    ‘Remember to link when you start reviewing Sihirli Annem on the first episode, to the line from Maryse Condé, in Ségou, about la solidarite extreme des femmes pendant la guerre…“’

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