Thank you, Patti: It’s Not Them, It’s You — Thoughts From the Mountain Top

Photo by Marley Clovelly on I keep reading about the problems people are having filling low-wage jobs right now. Those with class privilege have no problem pointing the finger at the current level of unemployment benefits and urge an end to the COVID benefits so they can find staff again (or find people to […]

It’s Not Them, It’s You — Thoughts From the Mountain Top

7 thoughts on “Thank you, Patti: It’s Not Them, It’s You — Thoughts From the Mountain Top

  1. If people are treated with respect and dignity…is this too much to ask for? I love this: “If a place is great to work for and people feel appreciated, word gets around. If a place treats their employees as disposable, that gets around as well.”

    I agree with this commentary, and those who are making a big fuss about raising the minimum wage to a livable wage do not have to “try” to live on the bare minimum. 💲💲💲 Perhaps they should try it for a month, without their cushy homes, jobs or vehicles and just get a taste of what everyday people are having to struggle with. To even have to discuss this simply blows my mind. You would think this topic is a no-brainer. Obviously and quite sadly, it’s not. 😡

    Great share Shira! 🤗🥰😊

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    1. You would think! I cannot understand why they oppose, as even if they’ve not had to survive on starvation wages, you’d think that they have enough empathy to understand the pain and fear…
      Oh, wait…
      It’s that Empathy thing again, isn’t it?

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        1. If only they could admit that shame and really ‘repent’ of it, then we could start with the process of making restitution to all of the vunlerable groups in this country who were made so quite deliberately, to allow slavery to function (I think that most poor white people do not realize that they’ve been taught to look down on us simply to make them feel better about their own position, which serves to keep them there…).

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          1. “To allow slavery to function…” When people have permission to be disconnected from the very things that connects them to humanity, then it is clearly understandable when folks get fed up and go off. There is a reason, when some think that a certain segment of our society (the “them” or “those people”) don’t have because they don’t want to have. This is insanity, but they think that it is perfectly “sane.”

            A vicious cycle, and oh what a tangled web we weave. Empathy is non-existent when it’s not even invited into the fold. Sickening! 🤬

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