A post for a fellow blogger: reply to The Fallen Angel

Ananta Riperseno‘s post The Fallen Angel, inspired me to rethink a short dialogue I first wrote back in 2012, and very nearly decided to delete, because of some feedback on the vocabulary, but looking at it now, I am glad not to have deleted it, though I’m still not sure why:

Angels and Clay Blobs

from Apr 15, 2014

“40 seconds guaranteed.”
-Are you out of your cotton-picking mind?!

A paddy wagon had just rolled up to take them all away. The sargent told the driver to go to the hospital, even though no one was hurt.

-I guess somebody will be by the time they get there.

“They need angels, quick! Now! Just perform this ceremony and you get instant protection. Four archangels in the room with you in about 30 seconds, seriously!”

-Are you crazy? Do you know how hard it is to get even one archangel in the room, with the important things they have to do?

“Yes, just imagine four of them! You are definitely going to be safe!”

-Are you insane? Four archangels?! Do you have any idea how difficult it is to summon even one master angel, and you want to summon all four of them, at the same time? Have you got any clue, even the slightest hint, exactly how unimportant your greatest emergency could possibly be to an archangel? People die every day -lots of people. So what possible life or death situation could even slightly worry a being standing in the presence of the Almighty? On the other hand, I’m pretty sure that tearing these four angelic beings out of the presence of the creator of the universe will probably not make them very happy with you. You’re most likely to get your head used as an angelic football.

“They won’t do that! They exist to serve. They´re supposed to protect us.”

-That´s not what the rabbis said. Apparently, each angel is created for one specific mission or purpose, and when that mission is accomplished there is no more purpose, so the angel goes away -poof, disappears. Think about Balaam, whose donkey saw the ´man´ way before he did.

“What man?”

-Remember the angel sent to kill him on his way to curse Israel, standing in the road with a drawn sword? Remember how in ghost stories the animals always notice the ghost first, way before the people do? Can you imagine what that particular angel must have looked like, to scare poor Balaam´s donkey more than a tyrant like Balaam could scare him? I’m betting that this one, an executioner angel created specifically to kill a powerful mage, probably did not come down with his halo and lyre all polished up to say ´Good Morning, How would you like your death served up today, Balaam´ holding a lovely standard issue short-sword in hand. More likely a Next Generation tentacled Klingon with an Orc-style extra-long serrated broad sword -super dull and rusty, to add to the pain!


-Exactly. Did you really want to piss off four extra powerful, permanently existing, commanding angels who have better things to do with their time than attend to foolish, self-centered, temporarily conscious blobs of clay that already get more than our fair share of time and attention from the Creator? Really? Think about this, now, because that thought just might be the last to go through your little clay head, friend.


Oddly enough, after a few years of not liking this, whatever it is, now, I like it. Go figure.


17 thoughts on “A post for a fellow blogger: reply to The Fallen Angel

  1. My only gripe is, at feels unfinished. Background. Who are these people? Between the paddy wagon arriving to take them away to some hospital for no immediate reason and a quick summoning of a set of Archangels there’s a whole lot missing. Also what went before.

    As to the guy suggesting summoning the Angels and the guy who thinks it is a mad, selfish idea … simply Love It!

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    1. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment on this dialogue. I shall ponder doing that soon (or at least put it on my list). I appreciate knowing that you find it interesting. I’ll take it back up shortly.
      Have a good safe weekend,

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