Turkish Tuesday: Sihirli Annem (s1e3) & Unfairness Hurts Us ALL, but Magic is Not the Solution, Logic Is…

… and that is how we could build a fairer world, if we all would just work together to make it happen.

  This week we see bölüm/episode 3.  The episode revolves around whether being able to do magic really solves problems, or just pushes off or masks the real problem for later.
     Young Ceren is angry, not so much because she didn’t get the lead role in the school play, as for the reason for which the other kid did:
Because she (the kid who got the role) is the Director’s daughter!
     And Dudu Fairy, Betüş’s mother, still trying to separate the human-fairy couple,  accidentally leaves a REAL magic wand, which Ceren finds, only increasing the problem, eventually solved by helping to bring her to the conclusion that magic does not actually solve human problems (a lesson which Eda Fairy will take far longer to learn…) :
If people don’t have to go through difficulties to get what they want, if something comes too easily, would that thing really be so valuable?
  And, of course, Dudu and Eda are again punished, this time more severely, for their continued malicious efforts to separate a happily married couple, as the old magic wand is confiscated by Perihan.
    So, we see how important critical thinking is, in this episode, and how even the ability to do magic is not what brings us what we want, as thinking logical beings.  Later in the series, we will see how even Eda Fairy comes to this conclusion for herself, as she learns empathy, and how to be an adult, and even a leader.
Hoşça kalın!



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Shira Destinie A.  Jones, MPhil, MAT, BSCS

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