Turkish Tuesday Sihirli Annem (s1e4) : #LanguageLearning to Build Empathy even for Evil Ex-Boyfriends??

  Last week we saw Turkish Tuesday: Sihirli Annem (s1e3) & Unfairness Hurts Us ALL, but Magic is Not the Solution, Logic Is… ,


  This week we see bölüm/episode 4 from a fellow blogger (Birgit)’s point of view.  The episode sees an old ex of Betüş’s, and a new relationship blooming for Cem…
Sihirli Annem 4 01
            So I’ll be studying all weekend with Tuğçe.

Cem and his love will get to study together.


Sihirli Annem 4 02
     But you will definitely not  tell my girlfriend

Ceren is blackmailing him for two weeks of pocket money.


Dudu and Eda decide to bring back Betüs’s ex:

Sihirli Annem 4 03

-I’m sorry she’s married.

-There is no need, absolutely no need, to be sorry…

Tuğçe seems to be much in favour of Ozan and not Cem.

Sihirli Annem 4 04

Everyone is after school’s most slender, most popular, and tallest boy, but he is mine, it’s that simple!


Tuna has the audacity to show up at their house.

Sihirli Annem 4 05

I told him to leave me alone, but he didn’t listen


Betüs turns him into fairy dust.

Sihirli Annem 4 06

No one will disrupt our happy marriage!
     Many thanks to Birgit, of the Stella, oh, Stella blog, for the screenshots and commentary, today.
     So, again we see the Fairy form of racism: no intermarriage between humans and fairies for Dudu’s girls, except that she married a human man herself, once upon a time…
Mom went to get help breaking up your marriage to a human.
        Hopefully, the empathy that studying languages builds, and a little more good example via story, will help all of us learn to be more open to the needs, feelings, and happiness of others.
Hoşça kalın!



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Thoughtful Readers, please consider reading and sharing, or even writing a guest blog post here, about #ProjectDoBetter.  Phase I aims to build empathy for public goods (libraries, transit, healthcare, and education) via language study and story, among other tools.

Shira Destinie A.  Jones, MPhil

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27 thoughts on “Turkish Tuesday Sihirli Annem (s1e4) : #LanguageLearning to Build Empathy even for Evil Ex-Boyfriends??

        1. Thank you!

          Ah, I also meant to ask you, as I seem to recall you mentioned that you speak French? Si tu veux bien, j’aimerias qu’on ‘ecrivent en francais parce que j’ai besoin de travailler mon otrographie. Desolee pour le clavier, mais si on fait ca, je trouverais un clavier en francais pour ecrire correctement.

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  1. “45 kelimenin en önemlilerindendir. Anlamı “Kim?” (şahıs zamiri) ve “Hangi?” (sıfat) formlarında kullanılır, örnek:

    Kiu vi estas? – Kimsiniz? (Şahıs zamiri formunda)
    Kiu instruisto sidas? – Hangi öğretmen oturuyor? (SIfat formunda)

    https://esperanto12.net/tr/01/gramatiko/ ‘ten geldi…

    Keske o gorseydim daha once…

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