What is PublicDomainInfrastructure?

#PublicDomainInfrastructure is a set of parts of our social infrastructure, those institutions that keep our social fabric together, which are, or ought to be, free and freely available to all members of the public, hence part of the public domain. I have picked 4 items I see as most crucial, only for simplicity’s sake:

1.Free and full access to well funded and diverse Public Libraries
2.Pro-Bono Legal aide and Free intensive (especially debt-related) Consumer and Financial Continuing Education,
3.Universal Health Care on a Single Payer System,
4. Good low-cost extensive Public Transportation.
Read, Write, Dream, Walk !


6 April, 12018 HE

2 thoughts on “What is PublicDomainInfrastructure?

  1. Public education.

    Public parks.

    Public postal service.

    Public utilities. Water. Sewage treatment. Power.

    Public-interest research-and-lobbying group, on EACH issue tbe forces of concentrated wealth lobby on.

    Public bank.

    RESTRICTIONS on funding of political campaigns by controllers of wealth. This used to be called graft.

    Public air, water, and pollution-free land.

    Public airwaves. RESTRICTIONS on broadcasting lies and spin as news. RESTRICTIONS on advertising harmful products that take away the user’s ability to choose not to use them: alcohol, nicotene, gambling.

    Public government: works to reduce, not to amplify, inequality.

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