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– Whose Justice? Kimin Adalet?

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“-Sultan Süleyman’ın Adalet ”

Kanûnî Sultan Süleyman’ın Adaleti budır…

Adaleti fikirlerimizi 500 yıl Sultan Süleyman’dan sonra değiştirdiler. Çok sevdiği şov Muhteşem Yüzyıl 600 Mısır’daki aileleri Mısır’ya dömeyi izin verdiğini ve kötü Pashahının başı kestirdi gösterdi. Bizim göremizi böyle bir adalet çok sert ama şu Sultan kütüphaneleri hamamlar ve çok altyapı halklar için yaptıldı. Dr. Maulana Karenga, şimdiki düşüncüler gibi adalet insanlık gibi derler yani hem aynı saygı her kez için hem aynı şeref için. Diğerleri, John Rawls gibi, adaleti kontrolu için derler, her kez herhangi yerleri koyarlar. Tüm üçüncü bir şey derler ki her kes ileri geçmesi lazım. O yüzdan adalet için tüm insanları hem kütüphane hem Temel Gelir şart.

(Türkcemi düzetleri için çok teşekkür edericektim… Corrections to my Turkish gratefully accepted…)

“-Sultan Suleiman’s Justice…”

This was Suleiman the Magnificent’s Justice…

Our notions of what justice is have changed over the five hundred years since Sultan Suleiman dispensed judgments and consequences. The popular series Magnificent Century depicts him freeing 600 Egyptian families to return to Egypt and executing the cruel official who had enslaved them. His justice may have seemed harsh to modern eyes, yet this Sultan also built schools with libraries, public baths, hostels and hospitals, providing a high level of public infrastructure to his subjects. Modern thinkers, such as Dr. Maulana Karenga, have defined justice in part as being fundamentally defined by treatment of each human being with equal respect and dignity. Others, like John Rawls, have proposed tests of justice in which societal roles could be interchangeable. All three agree in the essential: that each human being must be given the opportunity to grow. Each agrees that justice requires certain access and resources for all people, including: Free access to learning, and the time to use it. #PublicDomainInfrastructure (1.Free and full access Public Libraries
2.Pro-Bono Legal and Free Consumer Education
3.Universal Health Care on a Single Payer System
4. Good Public Transportation) can help accomplish that.

Read, Write, Dream, Walk !


March 6th, 12018 HE

My 45 Year Mission: 4FreedomsMovementPlan

– Review/Revista: Arte de Probar: Ironia Logica En La India Antigua, Juan Arnau Navarro

1.) Tell your local Transit Board to build more LightRail stops, 2.) Tell your local city council to hire more librarians, add social workers and nurses to the library staff, and add washing stations to Public Library bathrooms, 3.) Ask your Community College Provost to give free classes on State Law Basics covering local land, property, contract and Statutes of Limitations laws, 4.) Ask your State Senators and Reps to pass Universal Health Care in your state, and tell your Congressmen to do likewise at the Federal level. Book review below:
Arte de Probar. Ironia Logica En La India AntiguaArte de Probar. Ironia Logica En La India Antigua by Juan Arnau Navarro
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is an important and interesting comparison of Western and Eastern ways of thinking and debating. Drawing on many schools of thought, ancient and modern, this work explores how language forms us, and vice versa.

Este libro es una comparativa importante e interesante de maneras de pensar y debatir, Occidental como Oriental. Usando muchas escuelas de pensamiento, anciano y moderno, esta obra muestra como el idioma nos forma y nosotros al idioma también.

17 de septiembre del año 12,015 Era Holocena

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Let’s #EndPoverty , #EndHomelessness, & #EndMoneyBail starting by improving these four parts of our good #PublicDomainInfrastructure 4:
1. #libraries,
2. #ProBono legal aid and Education,
3. #UniversalHealthCare, and
4. good #publictransport
Read, Write, Ranked Choice Voting and Housing for ALL!!!!, Walk !

#PublicDomainInfrastructure #StopSmoking for CCOVID-19

updated slightly: August, 12020 HE

– Review/Revu: Ne Lache Pas Ma Main, Michel BUSSI

Ne lâche pas ma mainNe lâche pas ma main by Michel Bussi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Busssi shows us a world within another world ; that of people of color and the prejudices which the tourists do not see. He describes the island so well that you feel as if you were there, and finishes with a final word so moving it demands thought, and even an immediate re-read. (Also may go well with Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment, many thanks to Ruth for her review: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show….

Shira HoloceneHuman Era Destinie
24 August, 12015 HE

BUSSI nous montre le monde dans un autre monde, celle de gens de couleur et les préjuges invisibles aux touristes. Il décrit l’île si bien qu’on se sent la-ba même, et fini la dernier mot si jaillissant qu’on ne peut pas s’arrêter de y penser, et même le relire tout de suite.

24,8,12 015 èH( ère Holocène ou ère Humaine)

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– Pourquoi je hais l’indifférence Gramsci, Antonio

(English below…)

Même s’il écrivait in 1917, plusieurs pages m’ont frappé

comment toujours pertinentes aujourd’hui:

P. 34: Fable d’Ésope “L’aigle, le laie et la chatte”

P. 35 “le comprendre pour tenter de le modifier.”

et “La colère, instrument des puissants, arme des faibles”

P. 38 Il faut:

1. Sentir l’indignation (pour l’injustice)

2. Penser aux causes fondamentales, et

3. Imaginer les solutions

P. 55 “L’indifférence … les décourage jusqu’à les faire

renoncer parfois à leur entreprise héroïque.”

P. 196 “Trois années de guerre… Nous voyons des hommes …

là où hier nous ne voyions que des états ou des individus


P. 200 “Nous avançons par intuitions plus que par

raisonnements;” Oui, ça fait difficile coordonner les efforts.

P. 204 Est-ce que c’est vrai: oublier les mots -> oublier

les choses?

Des Pages 110-112, Gramsci faisait l’éloge d’un roman par

H.G. Wells, chose qui m’encourage. Malgré mes usages des

travaux de Gramsci dans ma thèse et dans ma vie perso, je

m’avais demandé, en lisant ce livre, comme puis j’apprendre

inspirer les gens d’aider aux autrui atteindre leur plein

potentielle au lieu de railler contre eux qui n’aident pas.


Though he wrote in 1917, several pages struck me as

still relevant today:

P. 34 (Aesop’s fable),

P. 35 (understand to convince),

P. 38 (Feel, Think and Imagine),

P: 55 (indifference discourages great projects),

P. 196 (how WWI -> feeling in addition to abstract thought),

P. 204 Does forgetting words -> forgetting events?

From pages 110-112, Gramsci praises a novel by H. G.

Wells, and from that, I take heart. Despite my use of

Gramsci’s work in my thesis and in my personal life, while I

was reading this book, I found myself wondering how I could

learn to inspire people to help others reach their full

potential, rather than rail against those who harm others.



8,8,12015 ère Holocène/Human Era

– Revista/Bookreview: La Llave De Oro : Núria Masot

(English below…)

Simplemente maravilloso, este libro (aparte de que los Cataros no se llamaban eso a si mismos).  Muertes extrañas, deseos de recuperarse la fe perdida, y una tranquilidad que es “sólo una apariencia de la que no hay que fiarse.”   Y mejor, una chica que sé defenderse.  Màs lento que los primeros dos libros.

3 cosas:
1. Lo que hace este heroe diferente que los demas,
2. como gana/pierde, este heroe, la communidad, y
3. por/para qué el hereo corre los riesgos:

1.  El heroe Guillem no es un genio, tampoco dotado de poderes como Harry Potter, pero tiene un talento creativo y la capacidad de utilizarlo con calma.  Como a Katnis Everdeen, él ha tenido una persona que lo ha enseñado hacer cosas que los demas no saben hacer, y la auto-disciplina de pensar al fondo de los problemas.
2.  Familia de adoption, efectivamente.
3.  Guillem, como Harry, trabaja en memoria de su mentor, para honrar sus ideas, a pesar de las dudas.

Y la chica: p. 127: “Debes ser generosa contigo misma, permitir que la duda aflore y que se manifieste, es la única manera de contemplarla cara a cara y que eso te permita tomar una decisión.”

Y p. 129: “no confundas su final con toda su existencia.”  -Preciosa.

Simply wonderful, this book (aside from the fact that the Cathars did not call themselves Cathars).  Weird deaths, desire to

find lost faith, and a calm which is only surface deep.  And better still, a girl who know how to defend herself.  Slower

than the first two books.

3 things:
1. what differentiates the hero,
2. how the hero aqcuires/loses community, and
3. why the hero risks his/her neck:

1.  The hero Guillem is not a genius, nor gifted with powers like Harry Potter, but he does have creative talent and the

ability to use it under pressure.  Like Katnis Everdeen (Hunger Games), he had an older mentor who taught him skills others

lack, and the self-discipline to think through problems.
2.  Adopted family, effectively.
3.  Both Guillem and Harry work to honor the memory and ideas of their mentors, despite imperfections.

Shira Era Holoceno Destinie
31 Julio de 12015 EH

– Blackout: Demain il sera trop tard (short review: ShiraDestinie Jones: English, French)

Read from July 10 to 17, 2015
Blackout est un thriller qui donne un vision des sombres possibilités mais aussi qu’inspire l’espoir. Le réalisme effrayant du comportement humain est visible, mais la coopération et aussi visible. Pourtant, je ne voudrais jamais prendre un ascenseur autre fois !

Blackout is a thriller that gives a vision of terrible possibilities, but also inspires hope. The frightening reality of human behavior, but also of cooperation, are both visibme. Still, I hope never to take an elevator again!

Shira “Holocene/Human Era” Dest
July, 12015 HE

– Reading to reduce poverty: El Laberinto de La Serpiente (the Labyrinth of the Snake) by Núria Masot

Este libro es mejor que Harry Potter! “pero ¿sabemos lo que en realidad buscaba?” -La amistad, lealtad y la magia, sin magia. Vale la pena leerlo.

This book is better than Harry Potter! “but ¿do we know what he was really looking for?” -Friendship, loyalty, and magic without magic. Worth reading.

#Pages4Progress #Libros #librotransformamundo

11.7.12015 EH/HE

Full comments below the review: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1316295043