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Walking: It’s not just about carbon…

Walking, for me, stirs something. I think better, I feel better both physically and emotionally, and I may even get somewhere at the same time. Walking gives me a sense of calm, a sense of health, even a sense of quiet strength (especially after a man on the bus I’d thought I missed saw me running to catch it after it passed me and then waited at the next bus stop; his exclamation of “I saw you walking back two blocks ago: a strong woman! made my day!).

These are feelings, compliments and insights that I never got when I drove my little car. More importantly, when I walk, I have a sense of solidarity. I feel not only that I am reducing my carbon impact, but also that I am sharing in a very Human activity that has moved us, literally, from out of Africa to almost every continent on the planet. With our feet. And that feels good. It feels like making progress, every time I stand up, flex those muscles, and move forward. That feels like I can go somewhere under my own power, and so can every other human being blessed with the health and strength to be ambulatory.

Of course low-impact living is important to me, but walking goes so much farther than that. I feel myself healing, even when I rush to a job running late, literally jogging in my good middle-class work clothes. I feel safer under my own foot-power, and I feel like I am in solidarity with those who cannot or simply, like myself, wish not, to drive a motor vehicle rather than get there under my own steam. And walking is a harmonious tool for keeping both the body and the mind sound, or making it sound if it is not. We have always known this, but now we add walking as a tool for both environmental justice, and for social and economic justice:

Walking makes us Equal.   As Time Banking was invented to help do: walk the talk, equally.

That’s why I walk.

Read, Write, Dream, Walk !

October 1st, 12017 HE

Build my own laptop generator (treadmill or pedal-powered)?

Ok, someone please explain to me:  why do even my ecolo/Green friends laugh at me when I express my desire to write using a pedal-powered generator, or even a treadmill or walking powered electricity generator for my laptop?   This should not be that difficult.

In fact, I’m sure I read somewhere of an author who wrote her 2nd novel using a pedal-powered laptop.

So has anyone else done this, and how can I do it?

Edit: 15.1.12016 HE: It has been done before:

Human-Powered Treadmill


(So it’s not a lost cause, after all…)


Read, Write, Run, Teach !
In Solidarity with All Kind People,
Peace via Cooperation and Non-Cooperation,
16th of December, 12015 HE