Ruth’s Holiday (Shavuot): Some Thoughts on Accepting Laws

     The Jewish holiday that started last night, Shavuot, or Weeks, commemorates the acceptance by the Children of Israel of the Law of Moses.  Without laws and the rule of law being accepted by people, there can be no life in community or as a society.  Of course, that acceptance is based in the idea that laws will be applied equally to every person in our society.  Some thoughts  on Building Community and Intergenerational Participation from a class I gave just about ten years ago, back in DC : Shavuot (Pentacost) as one of four Biblical pillars of building community.

My books on community cooperation, past and possible, via Stayed on Freedom’s Call…

This original post about Hillel, Gandhi, Harry Potter, and a few characters from Sihirli Annem (show reviews linked to just below…), was originally published on September 10th, 12017 HE, and then updated in in 2022 CE/12022 HE… 

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