Finally, a Glimmer of Global Health Light

    This spark needs to be fanned into a global health care flame of hope for all of us, through learning, and through persistent caring about all of us:

“This is a long overdue technology”

From NPR, by Fran Kritz

   Indeed, it is long overdue.  With no need for cold storage, medical bio hazard waste or the sharps disposal infrastructure needed, not to mention the trained medical staff, needed to deliver vaccines via shots, and no clean water for rendering the concentrate into individual doses (which I had never read about until now, and that requires even further training and staff time…), and no wasted doses.  Why has this not been done far, far earlier?  Yes, I know that the big pharmaceuticals and other groups benefit from costly supply chains, need for electricity, transportation requirements, and even from the wasted doses, but really, people, where is the humanity of all of those few who benefit from the suffering of so many?  If enough citizens of countries which are supposed to be governed by the consent of those citizens would make enough noise, and also be willing to sacrifice enough of their own over use and excess wealth, then this would not be a difficult problem to solve.  If enough of us had the sense of solidarity, the willingness to walk, and the empathy to put ourselves into the shoes of the ‘other’ who suffers, we could easily do so much better.


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Let’s Do Better.

Shira Destinie A. Jones, MPhil, MAT, BSCS


Shira Destinie Jones’ work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


16 thoughts on “Finally, a Glimmer of Global Health Light

      1. I think what they call Gen Z already knows this, plus many get less than their parents did in terms of pay. All advertising/marketing is about more, more, more. A friend of mine from South Africa, Ketan Lakhani used to say, South Africans were rich in culture but so, so in economy so on balance they were doing ok. Americans, he thought, were poor in culture and rich in economy, so on balance poorer than South Africans who were rich in culture. We (Americans) prospered from 1950-1975 and have been coasting on those years for far too long. When people do not trust the future or have faith that they are not alone, it seems that the prospect of more, more, more is all that gives them the comfort to be able to better assess what is needed for the whole for a livable future. We need new cultural and social leaders who by their words and deeds promote trust and faith in our ability to live and work together.

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        1. That actually makes sense. Thank you, Ned. Now, how do we get there from here?
          (I know you know that Project Do Better has some suggestions, and I know that you like the educational part, but I’m not sure what you think of the whole plan, and I am curious as to your thoughts…)

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          1. The whole plan is fine… however… for most folks, it is too detailed and appears to take too long. I had a friend Margaret Molinari, now gone, who was really good at finding small ways to begin changes that would end up huge in steady evolution. She was an in-house consultant at GM at the time. When at GM Truck and Bus, she convinced top managers to sponsor a once a year plant wide meeting to promote teamwork that would last one or two days. It would cover last year’s plant issues and goals and then present and discuss plans for the coming year in small groups and as a whole. It was a great success in the first year and involved several hundred people for several weeks in planning it and running it (staff and hourly/union). By the third year, it involved even more people in planning and running the event and they spent several months a year in the planning and implementing changes suggested during the annual “plant meeting” That simply designed process became their unofficial team process and structure owned by everyone. It is a process that any community could use to become a community… again.


            1. You might find this book useful – ‘The Search Conference: A Powerful Method for Planning Organizational Change and Community Action’ I also have some articles on the process – basis of Margaret’s approach – she studied with Merrelyn Emery. Ketan Lakhani, now deceased, designed the Truth and Reconciliation process for ArchBishop Tutu. He passed before I could get an article from him. I only have and interview with him that I published. If you send me an email, I should be able to find an article, I could send you about the search conference


            2. Thanks, Ned, it is on my list, although I cannot promise that I will have the time nor the energy to read it any time soon. I need others to take up this work.
              (as you know, the Project man. is available for others to edit and update as their communities may wish…)

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