#LanguageLearning for Global Learning and Fraternal Community?

This was one of the introductory lessons, with your basic verb set, and a very pleasant surprise:

Anyone can learn to conjugate every verb in Esperanto in 5 minutes.

Esperanto is a very simple language to learn, by design.   No sets of verbal endings for different persons, just one per time, and only three sets of times.   Simple, right?!  And a great way to help others learn a language that can help the world become more cooperative.

Given the interest readers have expressed over the years, I thought I might share some of my newest language learning journey here on my blog.  Once I have found others to help with Project Do Better, I will rework my notes in French and Turkish, and then the Greek as I go back to working on it (and maybe the Hebrew, if I am asked to teach Biblical Hebrew again).

Any thoughts on how your previously learned languages help hook the new material?
More soon,
        Hopefully, the empathy that studying languages builds, and a little more good example via story, will help all of us learn to be more open to the needs, feelings, and happiness of others.
Hoşça kalın!  Saluton!  !Nos Vemos! 



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Thoughtful Readers, please consider reading and sharing, or even writing a guest blog post here, about #ProjectDoBetter.  Phase I aims to build empathy for public goods (libraries, transit, healthcare, and education) via language study and story, among other tools.

Shira Destinie A.  Jones, MPhil

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