#LanguageLearning, Empathy, & #EsperantoFacil

   Esperanto is a very simple language to learn, by design.  Given the interest readers have expressed over the years, I thought I might share some of my newest language learning journey here on my blog.

Last week we saw a random early set of my notes, mostly in Spanish, but where more apt, in Turkish (since the reflexives match better between Esperanto and Turkish, much like learning Greek verbal conjugations is much easier from Spanish…):
Most language learning starts with the letters and numbers, which I did get to, but I have moved my notes around so much that those pages are lost, so  I started with a random note set last week, and provide specific notes in posts as requested by interested Readers.
Many videos exist for learning Esperanto, and these notes come from Lesson 2 in the free video series Esperanto Fácil on Youtube.  Many such playlists exist, but most of them do not go very far.  They are a nice place to start, though, if you speak Spanish.
More soon,
        Hopefully, the empathy that studying languages builds, and a little more good example via story, will help all of us learn to be more open to the needs, feelings, and happiness of others.
Hoşça kalın!  Saluton!  !Nos Vemos! 



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Thoughtful Readers, please consider reading and sharing, or even writing a guest blog post here, about #ProjectDoBetter.  Phase I aims to build empathy for public goods (libraries, transit, healthcare, and education) via language study and story, among other tools.

Shira Destinie A.  Jones, MPhil

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