French Fridays Libri Library Review: L’ Épouvante, by Maurice Level

While it was an interesting read, and he rendered hommage to Mr. Lecoq, which I did like, I didn’t enjoy this book because the protag seemed either insane or foolishly daring, and I do not like either. Listened to on librivox read by Ezwa.

C’était intéressant, et il a rendu hommage à Mr. Lecoq, ce que j’ai vraiment aimee, mais je n’avais pas aimee ce livre parce qu’il me semble que le protagoniste était soit fou soit stupidement hardi, et je n’aime pas ni l’une ni l’autre. Je l’ai Écoutée par librivox, lu par Ezwa.

     Once again, thank you to, and thank you to Ezwa for reading this book !   In fact, the way I found this book, like the one last week, Mr. Lecoqmonsieurlecoq_1007 was by searching for books read by Ezwa, and this one was on that reader’s list.

     And I am STILL Waiting on pins and needles, triple argh!!!, as I schedule this for Lupin Part 3 to start up again, with Omar Sy!!!  afisha_lupin   

Merci, encore, Ezwa !

Many thanks to all of the volunteers who read these books in the public domain.
Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any more copies of books by Mr. Dumas  dumas_by_nadar2c_1855  read by native French speakers on Librivox, at the moment.



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