Parashat VaYigash 5783, Land vs. Public Health, and Tightening Belts

       In this week’s parashah, Vayigash, the 11th in the Torah and last of the secular year 2022 CE/ 12022 HE, Joseph ends freedom and begins the slide toward feudalism by taking ownership of almost all of the land in Egypt in exchange for releasing the stored grain to the very farmers who had planted and harvested it, but lacked storage space.  See why long term planning and access to basic survival and equal health care resources for everyone is essential to the democratic process?

   Last year we mentioned R. Hillel‘s comment on responsibility  painting_of_foreign_delegation_in_the_tomb_of_khnumhotep_ii_circa_1900_bce_28detail_mentioning_22abisha_the_hyksos22_in_hieroglyphs29 .

     Last week, we looked at reverse engineering solutions to prevent famine, in Parashat Miketz 5783, Famine Prevention as Public Health, and More Dreams:mary_jackson_1979_portrait_28lrc-1979-b701_p-0708529

While there are many ways to help increasing empathy,  Language Learning as a Fourth Tool for Empathy Building is both fascinating and practical.

Empathy building is a crucial task, particularly in our contentious society today.  The task is tiring, and cannot be done all at once, but with careful planning, education, and greater cooperation between the generations, it can be done.

Let’s Do Better.


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