French Fridays Libri Library Review: 813, by Maurice Leblanc

Once again, thank you to, for this book, and to roommates who let you watch the TV in the living room on their Netflix account while they are out, kindly.  As I rewatched Lupin, I noticed that this number comes up several times as door numbers and as phone passcodes, mentioned ostentatiously when Assane ‘borrows‘ a phone from a known Lupin fan (and btw, never use your birth year as a phone code  Lupin9 …)  And I am STILL

Waiting on pins and needles, argh!

 as I schedule this post, for Lupin Part 3  Lupin10 to start up again, with Omar Sy!!!

Excellent story to listen to while getting ready to go to sleep, the last hour or so before bedtime.  Not too boring, but not too exciting, either, after the first half or so.  I still find the character of Lupin to be rather annoyingly arrogant, as written by M. L.  It really needed Omar Sy’s touch to give the character a sense of justification, if that makes sense?
(Just ask if I forget any translations from my reading updates…)
J’écoute la version de ce livre en français lu par Bidou sur #LibriVox, ici:…
November 15, 2022 – “la #torture est moins efficace que regardant le langage corporel…

Arsenne Lupin proved 100 years ago that torture is not needed for information gathering: by watching his victim’s body language (and this, well before it happened in an episode of Criminal Minds…).”

November 15, 2022 – “s’arreter le premier personne pour calmer les peurs de la publique…


…et c’est honteux comment les femmes etaitent form’ees (et vetues en corsette) pour etre faibles…

(Mdm Dolores B. qui s’evanoui de peur…)”

Many thanks to all of the volunteers who read these books in the public domain.



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