Libraries Transport Us To Nos Amis les Humains, Thanks To Bernard Werber

Once again, thank you to a public library for this book, which transported me to a place I’m not sure I wanted to be.  And I am STILL Waiting on pins and needles, argh!, as I schedule this for Lupin Part 3 to start up again, with Omar Sy!!!

Tres interesant, oui, mais aussi tres agacant. Troisieme personne mais assez distant et le scenario pas terrible. Berk.
Interesting yes but very annoying. Third person but not very close. Just an irritating plot.
Fantastic cauldron : idiote & researcher

This one was a favorite hypothesis of many who, like The Matrix, imagine us to be merely part of some giant and rather unethical experiment.  Saying much more will give away the whole book, but do feel free to request more details/spoilers in the comments.



Click here to read, if you like:


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8 thoughts on “Libraries Transport Us To Nos Amis les Humains, Thanks To Bernard Werber

  1. That (and Matrix) reminds me of the theory that we are all just avatars acting in a computer game, while our consciousness is in another, higher vibrating realm. The avatar makes experiences in the game and learns that this is not the real world. As soon as this insight is there, the avatar doesn’t have to play the game anymore, and the consciousness can concentrate on its real path and reality, and develop further.

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        1. Why does that not make me feel much better for the cruel suffering which happens in this ‘game’ if it were such? Even if the game is not real, the suffering, both emotional and physical, certainly is. That alone would make any such game entirely unethical, if not downright sadistic.

          Damnation to any beings who run such a gut-wrenching ‘game’ or experiment.

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