Parashat VaYishlach 5783, Women’s Mental Health, and Generational Trauma

This parashah looks at how dysfunctional family systems might even heal, given the right circumstances.  It also looks at the pain caused when women are treated as mere property to be possessed by one group, and property to be recaptured and avenged, by another group. This portion again, as last week points up the need for long term carefully trained specialists in all types of trauma, but most especially childhood trauma, and full access to that mental health care for everyone.

Last year, we looked at VaYishlach, and Favorites among children causing problems over and over again, investigating_favoritism_in_government._washington2c_d.c.2c_march_31._a_characteristic_pose_of_senator_allen_j._ellender2c_democrat_of_louisiana2c_chairman_of_the_special_senate_committe


the previous year, 5781, we looked at what happened to poor Dinah, in this, the 8th Torah portion:

Etz Hayim
Etz Chaim

Empathy cries out to be heard in this parashah, the 8th in the Torah.   What do you think, Thoughtful Readers?

While there are many ways to help increasing empathy,  Language Learning as a Fourth Tool for Empathy Building is both fascinating and practical.

Empathy building is a crucial task, particularly in our contentious society today.  The task is tiring, and cannot be done all at once, but with careful planning, education, and greater cooperation between the generations, it can be done.

Let’s Do Better.

Last week was  Parashat Vayetzei 5783, With Mental Health Care For Childhood Traumas?

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