Turkish Tuesday (Türkçesi salı günü): Sihirli Annem (s1e8) #LanguageLearning for Orphans?

  Last week, we saw asked, in ep7, about Turkish Tuesday (Türkçesi salı günü): Sihirli Annem (s1e7) #LanguageLearning for Empathy Instead of Assumptions?

This week, we see bölüm/episode 8:  Finally, Çilek arrives!!   ( I love her Harry Potter’s 1st night at Hogwarts moment, at 45:14 in the video…)

  (her name literally means strawberry, for her hair…)

The summary comes from a fellow blogger (Birgit)’s point of view.


During the night Betüs loses her baby.

At the same time, a little fairy girl tries to get into Dudu’s and Eda’s castle. She is pretty but naughty and magics uncomfortable clothes on poor Taci the dog/Eda’s and Betüs’s father.

Sihirli Annem 8 01

The girl seems unable to speak and she cannot write either. They can neither find out who she is nor where she came from.

When Dudu and Eda hear about the baby, they rush to Betüs to comfort her. They don’t even think about breaking her and Sadik up but use their magic to cheer Betüs up.

Sihirli Annem 8 02

When you were small, this was your favorite thing to make you feel better.

Dudu and Eda tell Betüs about the little naughty fairy that came to their castle, and Betüs wants to meet her. In they meantime they learned via fairy alarm that an orphan is missing. They are sure that it is the little girl.

The otherwise mute girl can talk to Betüs, but to nobody else. She had been mistreated by her stepfather and he had put a spell on her that she could only speak to one person. She chose Betüs. Everybody is feeling pity, first for Betüs and her lost baby, and now for the little orphan, even fun-loving Eda and cynical Dudu, who even gets tears in her eyes.

Sihirli Annem 8 03

But, Ms. Perihan, can’t you undo that magic?

Alas, the spell can only be undone by the one who cast it.

Betüs wants the little girl, Cilek, to live with her until she found her family. She asks Sadik and the kids, if they agree, which they do when they hear that Cilek is an orphan. When Betüs brings her home, the children are finding things to give her as presents from their own toys.

As soon as Betüs is a bit better, Dudu reverts to searching for magic to break up her marriage with Sadik. She is not glad when she hears that Betüs and Sadik want to adopt Cilek. If she breaks up the marriage, she will get the little girl back to the castle. Eda on the other hand would love Cilec to live with them.

The family meets at the café to ask Cilek if she would like them to be her family.

Sihirli Annem 8 04

We want to be your family!

So, do you accept?

If she agrees they would celebrate, then and there. Of course she wants it.

     Many, many thanks to Birgit, of the Stella, oh, Stella blog, for all of the of the English content, today.
So my question, Thinking Readers, is about child abuse.  Clearly, the parents were both guilty, one of direct abuse, and the other of neglect, which brings tears of rage to my eyes each time I watch it, during this episode.  This strong-willed and resourceful child was able to find help, but many do not.  So, my Thinking Empathetic Readers, how can we make this world a place in which children are not abused by their guardians?
        Hopefully, the empathy that studying languages builds, and a little more good example via story, will help all of us learn to be more open to the needs, feelings, and happiness of others.
Hoşça kalın!



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Thoughtful Readers, please consider reading and sharing, or even writing a guest blog post here, about #ProjectDoBetter.  Phase I aims to build empathy for public goods (libraries, transit, healthcare, and education) via language study and story, among other tools.

Shira Destinie A.  Jones, MPhil

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