Parashat Toldot 5783, With Mental and Physical Health Care Equally For All?

This parashah looks a lot at issues of impulse control, money and heritage control, and of the pain that derives from each.

Last year, we questioned  the need for hierarchy and birthrights in the first place, rich_and_poor_serving_inequality while the previous year, 5781,

we decided that impulse control is a big part of ‘Adulting,’  :

Etz Hayim
Etz Chaim

Empathy might solve both the impulse control and hierarchy issues in this parashah, the 6th in the Torah.   What do you think, Empathetic Readers?

While there are many ways to help increasing empathy,  Language Learning as a Fourth Tool for Empathy Building is both fascinating and practical.

Empathy building is a crucial task, particularly in our contentious society today.  The task is tiring, and cannot be done all at once, but with careful planning, education, and greater cooperation between the generations, it can be done.

Let’s Do Better.

Last week was Parashat Chayei Sarah 5783, And Do How Parents Met Affect Their Kids’ Mental (or Physical) Health?

and next week

is  Parashat Vayetzei 5783, With Mental Health Care For Childhood Traumas?  .


13 thoughts on “Parashat Toldot 5783, With Mental and Physical Health Care Equally For All?

  1. I’m responding to “Empathy”: Helpful phrases that come to mind: I hear you…That must have hurt…and mirror! Apparently the former definition when I looked it up used the verb “mimic”, which misleads. I searched for a a better word to describe mirroring, and came up with “reflect.” It is a relation-building practice that comes naturally in empathy, and is optimally unconsciously manifested. (Possibly learned from loving, attentive parents or later therapists.) However, once understood it can be utilized as a learned talent, also. (One’s own position and facial expression reflects the other person during communication. Your Perfect Right by Alberti and Emmons was a great asset in my own therapy, and while not about mirroring it helped to distinguish between non-assertiveness, aggression and assertiveness and discusses “how you say it.”

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  2. Enhancing empathy would truly make this world a better and safer place. I like the awareness around emotional Intelligence and think we could do well with funding such programs. We have a long way to go~empathy is a key ingredient.

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  3. Empathy tome requires looking at others in a non- competitive way. Adaptive g to situations to avoid the expected win -lose outcomes would improve the prospect of empathy sharing. That’s one conclusion I have made from practicing yoga.

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