Turkish Tuesday (Türkçesi salı günü): Sihirli Annem (s1e6) #LanguageLearning vs. Empathy for Stalkers??

  Last episode of Sihirli Annem, we asked about Voting TuesDay, Sihirli Annem (s1e5) : #LanguageLearning to Build Empathy via Ethical Elders?

Sihirli Annem 5 04

  We also saw some ethical problems caused by hidden domestic abuse (not mentioned or shown explicitly, but the reason for a theft of self-protection…).

This week, we see bölüm/episode 6 from a fellow blogger (Birgit)’s point of view.


Fairy Eda is being followed by her old high school flame and seeks refuge in Betüs’s café. Betüs suffers from pain, and they go the fairy castle.

Sihirli Annem 6 01

Stop stop, maybe there’s nothing wrong with me at all and you’re all worrying for nothing?

They find out that Betüs is simply pregnant. (Shira translation note: Eda and Dudu faint.  There is a word play going on here -the word bayıldı/fainted is used to mean that someone really really likes something, but in this case, it is used ironically, because they hate the idea!!)

Meanwhile her husband has, again, quit his job with Umur.

He is not too glad to hear that a third child is on its way, and Betüs is disappointed about his reaction.


Sihirli annem 6 02

At least he can’t make noise

Eda magics her persevering admirer Esmer into a sofa.

Her aunt Perihan  (Shira’s translation/cultural commentnow they have started using honorifics like “Aunt” in the show, which is more traditional -Perihan is not necessarily Eda’s aunt, but rather, is being addressed respectfully by Eda…) reminds her that she doesn’t have the right to do this, does she not pity him? She seems to get more and more like her mother Dudu, who turned her father into a dog and wants to separate Sadik and Betüs.

Sadik and Betüs decide not to tell the children about the lost job, but only the good news about the baby. Sadik’s children, however, are not enthusiastic about the new family member. They are afraid that they will love the new baby more then them.

Ceren would have loved to say the truth, that they don’t want any siblings, but Cem is of the opinion it is better to fake enthusiasm.

Sihirli Annem 6 03

let them be angry at their sibling and at me for now but don’t tell them you have no job

As the children are angry at their father, he wants to tell them that he does not have a job, but Betüs thinks it would upset them too much. Instead of upsetting them, she would rather they were angry at her and the baby.

Sihirli Annem 6 04

…not just to make money but I also need this to feel good about myself.

The children decide to live with the housemaid, because they feel unloved. But Firuze tells them the truth about their father’s job. They immediately change attitude and even work with Betüs and Sadik at the café, and Ceren offers her saved money to her father.

But Sadik decides to return to his old job. It hurts him not to be able to provide for his family. Although he wishes he could turn the clock back to the moment his boss insulted him. Then he would not quit.

Sihirli Annem 6 05

Let Time go back!

Perihan turns Eda into a fancy chair for what she had done to Esmer, and Dudu is locked into her own magic mirror for trying to break up Sadik and Betüs. Of course, all that will not have happened after Betüs turned the time back.

     Many, many thanks to Birgit, of the Stella, oh, Stella blog, for the vast majority of the content, today.
So my question, Thinking Readers, is about Eda: why was her action wrong, in dealing with her stalking ex-boyfriend Esmer?  Or was it not really wrong, and was Perihan Fairy wrong to punish Eda for merely defending herself (perhaps a bit aggressively…)?  Sihirli annem 6 02
        Hopefully, the empathy that studying languages builds, and a little more good example via story, will help all of us learn to be more open to the needs, feelings, and happiness of others.
Hoşça kalın!



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Thoughtful Readers, please consider reading and sharing, or even writing a guest blog post here, about #ProjectDoBetter.  Phase I aims to build empathy for public goods (libraries, transit, healthcare, and education) via language study and story, among other tools.

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6 thoughts on “Turkish Tuesday (Türkçesi salı günü): Sihirli Annem (s1e6) #LanguageLearning vs. Empathy for Stalkers??

  1. As far as the stalking is concerned, I am not sure that Eda clearly told this guy that his attention was unwanted, she just hid from him. But maybe I misunderstood. Serious stalkers are frightening!

    For me in this episode it was clear that telling the truth is always better, also if it concerns children. They haven’t any chance to understand if they are not told the truth, and they are more intelligent than adults think. As soon as they were know the truth, they changed behaviour.

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