Thinking Thursdays, La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) Part 5, ep. 1: Who Are The Good/Bad Guys?? Quienes son los Malos?

Gracias, Angel: al menos alguien dice la verdad:  “Estamos saltando la ley màs que ellos!

Thank you, Angel:  at least someone tells the truth: “We’re breaking the law more than they are!

And of course, he nearly gets kicked out for his trouble.

Why do confraries/fraternal groups like this hold so much loyalty to each other over loyalty to the truth, and to just treatment for all of us?  Are we still so animalistic?  rack_-_torture_28psf29

Maybe so, because now it’s the Professor’s turn to endure torture by the same expert… ProfeBellaCiao13

And finally, something good comes out of the mouth of Palermo:  “Ese oro ha sido robado una vez,de los Maya, los Inca, los Quechua…”  Si, que es hora de devolverla!   Yes, it is indeed time to return that stolen gold to the peoples of North and South American from whom you stole it!

Oops, and the Prof in her grip, while the Band has the army to deal with (and this is an excellent illustration of why we separate military from civilian domestic police forces, at least in theory…)

Next week: Transporter Thursdays -La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) Part 5, ep. 2  ,

  “Somos la resistencia.”   Ahora, siWe are the Resistance.”     Now, yes… Shira

Action Prompts:

1.)  Share your thoughts on how we can be part of the Peaceful Resistance… 2.) Write a book, story, post or tweet that uses these thoughts.


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10 thoughts on “Thinking Thursdays, La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) Part 5, ep. 1: Who Are The Good/Bad Guys?? Quienes son los Malos?

  1. During the last decades, I have observed that the police force is getting more and more militarized. They get weapons and and vehicles like the army. The reason for that is given with the terrorist threat, although we hardly had any terrorist attacks during the last decade. When looking at cause of death statistics, it is visible that there are more deaths by suicide than by terrorist attacks. But I guess that some , like missiles on Jemenitic juveniles, are not labeled terrorist attack.

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    1. Thank you, B! This is happening especially in the US, and the separation of domestic from overseas forces has become very blurred, especially since National Guard units serve overseas, and then, starting with Hurricane Katrina (at least in my lifetime/recall), National Guard troops from other states were deliberately sent to New Orleans, where they behaved more like occupying forces than protective guardians, to those fleeing flooded homes.

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      1. I read about that. They sent members of one family to totallyl different states and so on. And people were forced to leave their pets. I don’t think I would have left my dog or cat, but it seemed like people were rescued “by force”, they had no possibility to choose to stay.

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