Review: Nous Les Dieux, by Werber Showed Me My Bias

    I found this book both interesting and enlightening, about my own biases against imagination.  Werber  bernard_werber_-_foire_du_livre_de_bruxelles_-_2010_-_01  reminds us that no ideas are entirely without value, and that no human talent can afford to be wasted, even at the risk of driving ourselves crazy by following those imaginative ideas where ever they may lead.

Ce livre c’est vraiment Bon!
This book kept me riveted.  The topic was derivative but done in a way that was still really imaginative and really interesting. I also enjoyed seeing all of the various historical characters mixed in.  I will stop here before I end up giving spoilers.
There is also a question at the very end of the first page that has always haunted me, especially after being told that I had “un imagination debortant.”  It is a scary idea, that one’s own “fertile imagination” could drive one around the bend like that.   Ca me donne peur…
 Interesting final observation.  At the bottom of one page, the gods and us, a human child, sit watching ants.  I wonder if this led him to write his famous trilogy about Ants (Fourmis)???
     I may not have liked the story, but I did learn that greater versatility is possible, from it.  And it also reminded me how important reading, any sort of reading, is, during early childhood and adolescence, as preparation for citizenship.



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4 thoughts on “Review: Nous Les Dieux, by Werber Showed Me My Bias

  1. I agree, reading when young is extremely important … and not only what the parents think is suitable. My mother chose “girly” books for me with morals at the end. I found those boring and preferred my elder brother’s adventure books. Later I read some of my parent’s books in secret. Luckily I was too young to understand everyting, but I still think that children should have the opportunity to experience things unnoticed by their parents, reading or other things. I am glad that I am not a child now, they are under observation all the time.

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