Terrible Review in Honor of Al Bester: The Stars My Destination

JMS has been trying to get a Babylon 5 related hashtag trending today, for the reboot, which reminded me of a book I read, and disliked, which was mentioned somewhere as the reason for the  name of the villain in the series whom we all love to hate.  DustDust

Secretes -Babylon 5 as Devil’s Advocate (PsyCorp villian ‘Al Bester takes opposite tack from end of Bester’s book)?
   I read it, but really had to force myself to finish it, since it was just not my style or cup of tea.  Not sure where the rumor comes from that this is where Bester of the PsyCorps gets his name.



Click here to read, if you like:


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5 thoughts on “Terrible Review in Honor of Al Bester: The Stars My Destination

  1. I recall reading that JMS named the notorious character (born Stephen Kevin Dexter) after the science fiction writer.

    In the third novel of the PsiCorps trilogy of novels, the former PsiCop became a literary critic.

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