Merci pour Le Capitaine Pamphile, M. Dumas, pere: Reading Really Is Fundamental…To VOTING

The recent ProPublica article on the return of literacy based voter suppression in some states reminds me that many people need stories that show them, and that reading even fiction, helps preparing kids and adults for reading other things, like voter registration forms, ballots, and exit polls.

Unlike  The Count of Monte-Cristo, this one is a childrens’ book!   I had no idea that he’d also written for kids.
I listened to some of this book, as usual, via LibreVox, and the reader was  terrible:
Abandoned listening to pompous reader reading annoying children’s book.

Reading Progress

November 5, 2020 – Shelved as: livres
November 5, 2020 –

page 35

9.11% “C’est intéressant comme tout le monde savait tout les détails de Les mille et une nuits : moi, je viens d’apprendre qui était le roi Camarazamann il y a peu de temps avant.

It is interesting how everyone knew the details of The Thousand and One Nights. I only just learned about who King Camarazaman was a short while ago.”

     I may not have liked the story, but I did learn that greater versatility is possible, from it.  And it also reminded me how important reading, any sort of reading, is, during early childhood and adolescence, as preparation for citizenship.



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