Revu: Les Damnes de La Terre, Frantz Fanon -Colonialism Hurts Everyone

Dnf, I can’t deal.  Les Damnés de la Terre, The Damned of the Earth, sounds about right.

See my reading updates, please.

Just too épatée…
Ok, thinking about this book, or the half that I read, it felt sickeningly like writing some difficult scenes from my series Ann and Anna where whipping or other horror is remembered. But almost every page I read of this book was like that. I had no idea how similar life in the colonized countries was to life in enslaved or Jim Crow USA.
  And yup, Sartre was the right guynausea to write that Preface.

Reading Progress

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August 2, 2022 – Started Reading
August 2, 2022 –

page 1

0.32%“En fin trouvé !!”

August 2, 2022 –

page 7

2.25%“They banned the book, and he only saw a copy only just before he died? Difficult”

August 3, 2022 –

page 8


August 3, 2022 –

page 9


August 5, 2022 –

page 10

3.22%“Donc il faut aussi lire son premier livre Peau Noire, Masques Blancs, et aussi découvrir plus l’histoire des Caraïbes…”

August 6, 2022 –

page 11

3.54% “Je ne peux pas m’empêcher de penser comme il avait juste terminé d’écrire son livre quand il est mort.
Can’t stop thinking of how he just finished writing that book before he died.”

August 6, 2022 –

page 12


August 7, 2022 –

page 12

3.86%“C’est triste”

August 7, 2022 –

page 13


August 7, 2022 –

page 13

4.18%“Wow. Still digesting the fact that he had the guts to write this book during the Algerian War, putting himself in danger, not to mention having the book banned obviously.”

August 8, 2022 –

page 14


August 9, 2022 –

page 15


August 9, 2022 –

page 15

4.82%“İnteresting, very specific reasons that Fanon asked Sartre to write this forward. And apparently, it worked. Many read Sartre’s preface but not the book, which was seemingly addressed to a different audience.”

August 9, 2022 –

page 17

5.47%“Damn! No wonder Fanon didn’t make any comment when he read the preface. Sartre! İs he telling the colonizers what they want to hear? Just waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

August 9, 2022 –

page 19

6.11% “Yep, there is the other shoe. Now I see why he picked Sartre.
The hand-picked token indigenous people educated in Europe and sent back to be the buffer, galloping toward the hypocritical carrot. Wow.”

August 9, 2022 –

page 21

6.75% “”elle a fabriqué de toutes pièces une bourgeoisie de colonisés…”

Just what the British did in India and I didn’t realize that all the European powers have done this all across Asia and africa. Similar to division via the color line in the US.”

August 9, 2022 –

page 22

7.07% “… à la mer.


August 10, 2022 –

page 23

7.4% “So that was the reason that “the air of England is too pure for slaves to breathe” -easier to forget those blood stained colonies:

“Vous faites semblant d’oublier que vous avez des colonies et qu’on y massacre en votre nom.””

August 12, 2022 –

page 24

7.72%“Les mots de Sartre sont assez choquants”

August 13, 2022 –

11.0%“Sartre à terminé d’écrire ce préface en septembre 61 et Fanon meure en novembre , seulement deux mois , jusqu’à temps d’avoir vu la publication de son livre.”

August 13, 2022 –

12.0%“Botswana ? “…la décolonisation est toujours un phénomène violent.””

August 13, 2022 –

14.0% “Just like here in the US. Schools, religion, and even ‘science’ put to the service of racism, claiming that we were devoid of ethics, and even ‘anti-values’.
Useful only as a cheap labor force, thus ineligible for the equality called for by Dr. Anna J. Cooper.”

August 13, 2022 –

15.0%“Divide to rule: “la bourgeoisie colonialiste avait enfoncé à coup de pilon dans l’esprit du colonisé l’idée d’une société d’individus où chacun s’enferme dans sa subjectivité…””

August 13, 2022 –

19.0%“He’s describing the same process and situation in the colonies that was taking place during slavery and in fact also during the Jim Crow era in the United States to us.”

August 14, 2022 –


August 14, 2022 –

22.0% “Nonviolence & compromise fruits of colonialism?

All same except president of Gabon reçu par le président de la République française…


August 14, 2022 –

23.0%“C’est trop violent”

August 14, 2022 – Finished Reading
And still,  our world gets warmer and warmer, in bad ways.



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