Writing Process Wednesdays, Editing Out Passages, and Why Phase II?

     Story,  language learning, and continuing education, all connect vitally to our democracy.  This passage, I decided to edit out, for brevity, from the Do Better Manual.   Please read it in the format best suited to you, after re-checking your voter’s registration.   So many re-writes, even in a fully and meticulously outlined book.

Here is another page from an edited out chapter that might bear posting as a separate blog post:

“This combination of greater empathy and learning opens the way for a far greater understanding of the importance to society of the Public Health Service, and of universal access to at least a basic standard of health care. The Covid-19 global pandemic has thrown into stark relief both the increasing levels of inequality world-wide, and the dangers that that inequality, particularly lack of access to basic health care and disease prevention via basic water and sewage infrastructure, pose to even the well-off in this world. Universal access to at least some minimal level of health care acts as a safe-guard for all members of society. In like fashion, the empathy built by traveling and seeing with one’s own eyes how other human beings share the potential for creating new tools, given the time and resources, should lead to the realization that all human beings need and deserve access to the basic tools for survival. Only education and a basic income can provide that security at a local and regional level, which in turn generates increasing security at all levels. A Universal Basic Income, similar to what Dr. King called for, and universal free education, much like what is available to citizens of many European Union member states today, is a start. That start, toward shared tools and shared food security, energy security, and security of life, limb, and person, can move us forward to the ultimate goal: a world in which no human being need fear for lack of the basic necessities of life.

Phase II thus prepares a cultural space for the potential of new policies and even new forms of governance, by laying the groundwork for the initial sets of new policies in Phase III.                Shared learning never stops expanding. That expansion of knowledge and of empathy necessarily leads to new understanding. Some of that understanding includes the basic need for tools, which is what distinguishes Homo Sapiens from other animals, as we continually use our existing tools to develop new and more effective tools for the variety of tasks we face.                Naturally, it takes time to learn to use tools, and more time to develop new ones. Given the time, and the basic resources, each and every human being can and should contribute to the security and well-being of humankind. But such contributions require basic security: food security, energy security, and security of life, limb and shelter. The Community Serving Adults forged in Phase II will be equipped to help make that happen for all of us. Secure and confident Serving Adults realize that each person needs the time and the resources to contribute the energy needed to build new forms of governance, with buy in and consensus at all levels, from local to global.               ”

It was initially part of a framing chapter that I decided, upon Beta Reader feedback, needed to be shortened, and later deleted.  But the chapter had a purpose, which had been to explain the need for each phase in it’s turn.  Specifically, the second phase in our 60-80 year sequence.


Action Items:

1.) Share your thoughts, please.

2.) Write a story, post or tweet that uses those thoughts.


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Thoughtful Readers, please consider reading about #ProjectDoBetter.

Shira Destinie A. Jones, MPhil, MAT, BSCS


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8 thoughts on “Writing Process Wednesdays, Editing Out Passages, and Why Phase II?

  1. Hi Shira, I think this section makes a good blog post. It summarizes a lot of important ideas at once.

    Also, thanks for sharing your thoughts and guidance this week on voting.

    I have been reading Feminism is for Everyone by bell hooks from the library using my Libby app. Do you know that book? It’s providing me with reminders of useful language to use with younger people when explaining feminism. Her book reminds me of yours, sometimes, as she talks about history and also a way forward.

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