French Friday w/Madame Bovary & A Little More Empathy, Please

Sorry, lovers of M. Flaubert, I know this is a classic book, but I just did not like these characters at all.  None of them.  I did sympathize with the first Mdme Bovary, poor lady, just asking for “en peut plus d’amour, si’l te plait/a little bit more love, please.”  Very sad.

Too annoying by page 110 to finish even as bathtub reading that I would not have minded dropping in the bathtub.  Far too tired to care about the spoiled young Mrs. B. having hysterical fits which her idiot Dr. hubby cannot resolve (though at least he does care enough to try).

     Yet another French classic that I couldn’t come to enjoy.



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11 thoughts on “French Friday w/Madame Bovary & A Little More Empathy, Please

    1. I’m still reproaching myself for not trying another of Flaubert’s books, since Miss Piggy, sorry, Benjamina Gunn, likes him so much (Muppet Treasure Island, 1986ish).

      Not familiar with Giono: can you recommend one to me via GoodReads, please?

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  1. While I loved the book (read for a college lit course), I completely understand your position. Many of the characters are unlikable. Still, I’ll take French lit over Russian any time; I felt like “Dr. Zhivago” and “Anna Karenina” were penance, LOL.

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