Bernard Werber, Le Miroir de Cassandre, and Mental Health Care

Well, fans of M. Werber, I hate to say that his book Ants was the only one I can really say I like as a story, but this one, I think, is just as worth the read, for other reasons.  So, here is my review of his take on the ancient Trojan/Greek story of poor Cassandra (and the need for full access by all to all types of health care, including long term therapy and other mental health care):

English review is below…

M’a pris du temps, mais j’ai aimée ce livre, écrit du point de vu (pour la plupart en 1r personne, mais parfois d’un troisieme proche quand ce n’avait pas traitait de la protagoniste) d’une jeune fille autiste qui ce trouve sa place dans le monde. Ce conte de jeunesse la trouve en train de se trouver dans un endroit assez étonnant d’où travailler en sauver le monde. Ce que j’aime le meilleur s’était que ce sont le gens les plus improbable qui fondent ce travail, et que tout l’histoire ce trouve dans un monde ou on est rappelé plusieurs fois de ne pas juger ni un livre ni une personne par son couvre, tellement pestant que se soit. I trouve ce livre particulièrement important à lire pour les chefs et aussi pour le citoyens de tous les pays pour faire penser.

It took me a while, but I really liked this book, written from the PoV (mostly 1st person, but sometimes close third when not the protagonist) of a young autistic woman finding her place in the world. This coming of age story has her finding a rather surprising place from which to work on saving the world. The best part about it is that those doing this work are the absolute least likely people you would expect, and the entire story is set in a world in which we are reminded over and over again not to judge a book, nor a person, however smelly, by coverings. I find this book particularly important for all policy-makers and concerned citizens of any country to read and ponder.

Read, Write, Dream, Walk !

March 23rd, 12018 HE



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